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Control Protection System and Speed Regulation System of Industrial Generator

Oct. 15, 2019

What do you know about the control protection system and speed regulation system of industrial diesel generator? Starlight Power will share the detailed information by this article.

Generating Set Control Protection System

During the load operation of diesel generator, it is necessary to monitor and control the working condition of the unit at any time, report all kinds of faults accurately and timely, and automatically protect the genset can supply power safely and reliably.

The electrical control and protection system of generator is generally composed of integrated controller, sensor, instrument and so on. The function of the sensor is to monitor the temperature, pressure and other signals on the diesel engine and convert these signals into current signals.


At present we use more is Deep Sea DC control system. Model includes 520, 550, 560, 5110, 5220, 5510, 7310, 7320 and other controllers. DSE7320 controller is widely used in our power generators no matter it is Cummins generator, Perkins generator, Volvo generator or Chinese brand generator. If it is parallel diesel generator set, we often use DSE8610 or DSE8620 control module.

The DSE7310 is an Auto Start Control Module and the DSE7320 is an Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single, diesel or gas, gen-set applications.

Monitoring an extensive number of engine parameters, the modules will display warnings, shutdown and engine status information on the back-lit LCD screen, illuminated LEDs, remote PC and via SMS text alerts (with external modem).

The DSE7320 will also monitor the mains (utility) supply. The modules include USB, RS232 and RS485 ports as well as dedicated DSENet® terminals for system expansion.

DSE7320 control module

Both modules are compatible with electronic (CAN) and non-electronic (magnetic pick-up/alternator sensing) engines and offer an extensive number of flexible inputs, outputs and extensive engine protections so the system can be easily adapted to meet the most demanding industry requirements.

DSE560 module is an automatic generator control module that automatically starts and stops the engine and indicates operating and fault conditions. When the generator is automatically stopped, the LED on the control panel flashes and displays the cause of the failure through the LCD icon.

The operation is realized through the three control positions of the knob switch on the control surface: automatic, manual, and stop. The Triangle button is used to see the operating parameters of the unit.

Charger: Nowadays, generator is mostly as back up power. Sometimes the generating sets won’t be turned on for one or two months. And the battery has self-discharge phenomenon, so that the unit cannot be used in emergency because the battery is out of power. Therefore, it is necessary to install the charger. Usually, use the mains/electric supply to charge the battery. When the battery voltage reaches the specified value, it will be disconnected.

Speed regulating System of Generator Set

The working principle of the speed regulating system: when the flywheel of a diesel engine rotates, the speed measuring head installed on the flywheel shell generates a pulse voltage signal, which is transmitted to the electronic speed governing board. If the speed is lower than the preset value of the electronic speed regulating board, the voltage output from the electronic speed regulator to the electronic actuator will increase, the oil supply of the pump will increase, and the speed of the diesel engine will reach the preset value.

Speed regulation system includes electronic speed control board, speed measuring magnetic head and electronic actuator.

The voltage of the electronic actuator is generally 6 to 8V DC, which increases with the increase of the load, and is 12-13V DC at full load.

At present, the diesel engine speed regulation system is represented by Cummins PT pump oil supply system and Perkins high pressure pump oil supply system. The commonly used speed regulating systems are EFC speed regulating board and ACT electronic actuator, GAC speed regulating board and electronic actuator. BARBERCOLMAN speed regulator and electronic actuator (the ground wire is the same as EFC). ACT electronic actuator DC resistance is about 8Ω, GAC electronic actuator DC resistance is nearly 16Ω, BARBERCOLMAN actuator DC resistance is nearly 2Ω. The voltage output from the electronic speed control board to the actuator is about 6-8V DC at no load.

speed regulation system

MPU is a tachometer head, DC resistance value is between 50 to 300Ω, the induced voltage is more than 1.5V AC, the speed control board can work. Its installation mode is: clockwise to the end, then return to 3/4 to -1 turn, finally fix the screw.

"idle"means idle speed adjustment potentiometer, speed regulator board 7 and 10 short connection, the speed control board is in the idling mode; "RUN" or "speed" is the speed adjustment potentiometer, used to set the speed of the generator, "GAIN" shows the speed of the reaction time, the increase will stabilize the frequency, "droop" expresses speed drop. The larger the load, the more the speed drop.

The GAC speed control board has several models, such as ESD5111 and ESD5220, and the wiring method and principle are basically the same.


Speed: used as speed setting; Stability: used to adjust stability; GAIN: used to adjust the response speed;

Droop: used to adjust the speed drop (K, L must be short connection to achieve this function)

Idle: used to adjust the idle speed setting (G, M must be short connection to achieve this function)

GAC governor initial adjustment

Start the gen set, adjust the "speed" potentiometer to the rated speed (50Hz), adjust the "GAIN" potentiometer clockwise until the unit vibrates, then callback to no vibration and adjust counterclockwise 1/8 turn. Adjust the "STABILITY" potentiometer clockwise until the unit vibrates, then counterclockwise adjust back to no vibration, and then call back 1/8 turn. If the load is still vibrating, lower the "GAIN" slightly to no shock.

Common faults and troubleshooting of speed control system:

1. Frequency is unstable.

a) The electronic actuator has poor bearing or the pull rod is not flexible;

b) the speed control board GAIN is too small and the response is too slow;

c) speed measuring magnetic head problems;

d) There is interference on the ground line and the speed control board is broken;

e) diesel engine failure (There is air in the oil line);

2. Over speed

a) MPU speed measuring head is broken or the wiring is loose;

b) the electronic actuator is stuck;

c) the speed control board is broken;

d) Diesel engine failure (There is air in the oil line or oil return blockage)


Starlight Power Group has 43 experience years in the field of diesel generator manufacturing. Can provide 20KW to 2500KW standby/emergency/prime/industrial diesel generators with various types, including open type generator, silent generator, trailer generator with wheels and container soundproof generating sets, etc.

Mitsubishi generator set


Annual production capacity: 30000 sets

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Brand: Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Deutz, Yuchai, Shangchai, Doosan Daewoo, MTU, etc.

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