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How to Clean and Replace Air Filter Element of Cummins Generator?

Nov. 23, 2019

The function of the air filter is to filter out the dust and impurities in the air, and the clean air is drawn into the cylinder to reduce the wear of the piston connecting rod group, valve mechanism and cylinder.

In this article, Starlight mainly shares the methods to clean and replace air filter element of Cummins generator.

After the air filter of Cummins generator set is used for a period of time, the filter element will become dirty, and the intake resistance of the filter will also increase. When the intake resistance of the air filter increases to more than 625kpa, the diesel engine will not get enough air supply, resulting in early  exhaust black smoke and power shortage.

The user can determine the blockage of the air filter by observing the air resistance indicator installed on the intake pipe behind the air filter. That is, if the indication window of the air resistance indicator changes from green to red under normal conditions, it indicates that the intake resistance of the filter exceeds the limit value and needs to be cleaned or replaced. In the event of an air filter blockage, stop Cummins generator immediately to clean or replace the air filter core, and then reset it according to the rubber plug at the end of the air resistance indicator. The filter element can be cleaned as follows.

Cummins generator set

1. Tap the air filter end cap to shake the dust accumulated on the filter.

2. Open the dust outlet of the dust disk and let go of the accumulated dust.

3. Open the filter end cap and pull the filter core out.

4. Block the both ends of the filter element with a clean cloth or rubber stopper, and then use the dry compressed air with a pressure of not more than 0.2~0.3Mpa to blow the filter core surface in the direction of the filter core or outward from the filter element.

Note: It is not allowed to clean the air filter element with oil or water; the swirl tube is fixed with its casing and is not removable. It can be cleaned with hot alkaline water during cleaning and then blown off with compressed air; The inner filter element of the heavy duty air filter cannot be cleaned.

The air filter (outer) element must be replaced when the following problems occur.

1. The air filter (outer) element has been damaged.

2. When the cleaned filter core is installed, the intake resistance indicator indicates red again.

3. The number of cleaning of the filter core has reached five times.

Replace filter element

1. Loosen the wing nut that fastens the bottom cover to the filter housing and remove the filter cover.

2. Pull the filter element down from the center bolt.

3. Remove the sealing gasket from the outlet end of the filter.

When installing the filter element, make sure that the filter element is located on the gasket at the outlet end of the air filter.

How to Maintain Cummins Generator?

Fuel requirements for Cummins generator set: Use high quality light diesel oil with lower temperature. Because of the higher temperature fuel used, the filter can be clogged to reduce power and cause engine starting difficulties.

After Cummins generator is shut down, remove the water from the fuel filter in a hot state and replace the filter regularly (250h). If the fuel used is dirty, the filter will be blocked in advance, and the engine power will decrease after the filter is blocked.

Requirements for lubricating oil of Cummins generator set:

1) Viscosity in accordance with SAE 15W40

2) Quality meets API CD or higher

3) Change the oil and filter regularly (250h)

Note: Engine oil of CF4 or above must be used on the plateau. Because the combustion condition of the engine in the plateau deteriorates, the oil pollution is very fast, the oil life below CF4 level is less than 250h, and the oil change period should be shortened by half. Oil that exceeds the life of the engine will result in the engine not being properly lubricated, the wear will be intensified, and early failures will occur.

Coolant requirements for Cummins generator set:

1) Use water filter or add DCA dry powder as required to prevent corrosion, cavitation and scaling of the cooling system.

2) Check the seal of the pressure cap of the water tank and the leakage of the cooling system to ensure that the boiling point of the coolant does not decrease and the cooling system is normal.

Note: The generator set operating in cold areas should use ethylene glycol + water coolant or antifreeze approved by manufacturer to meet the environmental conditions. It is also necessary to check the DCA concentration and freezing point in coolant regularly.

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