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How to Choose Air Filter for Diesel Generator

Oct. 15, 2019

Air Filter

The dust in the air is the primary reason on abrasion for cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, valves, valve stem guide and other athletic parts, the more the dust in the intake to the engine is the more the abrasion of the engine’s parts is. It is founded by wearing test of engine that the dust less than a diameter 0.001 mm has an very small effect on engines, the dust with a diameter between 0.001 mm and 0.01 mm has measured effect on the engine if the diameter of the dust in the intake is larger than the thickness of the bearing oil film, it will affect the life of the main and connecting bearing and the piston ring. Therefore, to extend the service life of a diesel generator, it is very important that air filter should be chosen carefully.

diesel generator set

According to different uses, air filter is divided into normal duty and heavy duty air filters. The minimum efficiency for normal duty cleaner at any flow between 15% and 100% at the rated air flow is 99.5%; and its minimum dust holding capability is 3.0 gram/CFM( or 6A gram/L.S) at rated air flow, it will be applied primarily to those generator drive engines and marine engines.

The minimum efficiency for heavy duty filter at any flow between 15% and 100% of the rated air flow is 99.9% and its minimum dust holding capability is 25.0 gram/CFW (or 53 gram/L.S) at rated air flow, it will be applied primarily to the mining product, construction product, automotive product, off-high heavy duty, etc. Those engines ( and generator drive engine) and marine engines ( and generator drives engines).


After the air cleaners have been used for period of time, its elements will be dirtied, and restriction of the air intake will increase. When the restriction increases to above 6.25kPa, the engine can not get sufficient air. Therefore, the engine will discharge the black smoke and the engine’s power will be own.

The customer can estimate the air-logged conditions of the air filter by the air induction indicator or annunciator, if the indicating window of the indicator changes from green to red, or the annunciator gives an alarm, the air intake restriction had exceeded the limit valve, and the element will need to be cleaned up or replaced.

The following methods can be used to clean up the element of the air filter:

a. Lightly knock the end plate & the element to shake off the dust accumulating on the element;

b; Open the dust discharging jaws on the air cleaner to remove the dust in the air cleaner shell.

c. Open the end cover of the cleaner and pull out the element.

d. Clean up the element with the dry compressed air.


a. It is not permitted to clean up the element with oil or water.

b. For the heavy duty air filter, there are many convolute pipes, these pipes can not be taken down, and it can be washed up with hot alkaline water, flush it with cleanly water, then blow it with compressed air.

c. The secondary ( or safety) element of the heavy duty air cleaner  can not be cleaned up.

When the following problems are founded, the primary element must be replaced with a new element.

a. The primary element is in disrepair.

b. After assembly the element, the indicator indicates red or the annunciator for gives an alarm again.

c. The primary element have boon cleaned up for five times.

Note: For heavy duty air filter, when its primary element is disrepair or cleaned up for five times, its secondary must be replaced.

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