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What Should Avoid When Running Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 02, 2018

In order to make the running time of diesel generator longer, it is important to maintain the generator regularly, especially to replace the lubricating oil regularly. So what should users pay attention to when using generators? Below by starlight small braid everybody learns the ten contraindication when the generator uses.


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1. When the engine oil is viscous, the wear between the moving parts will be aggravated and the service life of the locomotive will be reduced.



2. Without cooling water or adding boiling water to start the diesel engine and then adding cooling water to start the diesel engine, the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important parts will burst or deform because they suddenly do not meet their expectations; suddenly, 100 ℃ boiling water will be added to the cold airframe, Also will crack cylinder head and body, should be added when the water temperature drops to 6070 ℃.



3. When the fuel supply is not in accordance with the regulations, the generator should not put the relief handle in the "working" position before starting, but should put the throttle handle on the fuel supply position before starting. The disadvantages of not operating according to this regulation are that waste fuel, excess diesel oil will wash the cylinder wall, make the lubrication between piston, piston ring and cylinder liner worsen and aggravate the wear, the remaining oil flowing into the oil pan will dilute the oil and reduce the lubricating effect. Excessive combustion of diesel fuel in the cylinder will not completely form carbon deposits.



4. The electric hot plug is used for a long time, the heat plug of the flame preheater and the heating body of the flame preheater are all electric wire. The electricity consumption and the heat are very large. The battery can be damaged by a sharp discharge for a long time, and the electric heating wire can be burned out at the same time. So the electric plug can not exceed 1 minutes for each time, and the flame preheater is continuous every time. The time of use should be within 20 seconds.



5. If the oil is not changed on schedule, the diesel engine will be difficult to start if the oil and fuel with low viscosity are not replaced in time during the cold weather.


6. In order to prevent the fire from happening, the oil bottom shell of the diesel engine was roasted by the open fire and ignited at the intake pipe. The coal fire was used to bake the oil bottom shell of the diesel engine at a certain distance. At the same time, the oil shaft was slowly swung to allow engine oil of diesel generator to be evenly heated. Lubricate all parts. If a fire is started at the intake pipe of the diesel engine, the ash and hard debris produced by the combustion of the diesel engine will be sucked into the cylinder, resulting in the inlet and the exhaust valve being loosely closed and accelerating the wear and tear of the cylinder.


7. The ignition point of gasoline directly poured into the intake pipe is lower than that of diesel oil, which is prior to diesel fuel. Therefore, the direct filling of gasoline into the intake pipe will make the engine work rough and produce a strong knock on the cylinder, and when serious, the engine can be reversed.



8. The diesel engine oil is added to the cylinder directly to add the oil to the cylinder, which can play the role of sealing and increasing the temperature and facilitate the starting of the diesel engine cooler, but the oil can not be completely burned, it is easy to produce carbon, so that the elasticity of the piston ring is weakened and the seal performance of the cylinder is reduced; in addition, the wear of the cylinder sleeve will be accelerated, leading to the power of the diesel engine. The drop makes it more difficult to start, so the oil can not be directly added to the cylinder.



9. When the diesel engine starts at high speed, the temperature of lubricating oil is low and the fluidity is poor. It is easy to cause the sharp wear of the moving parts because of lack of lubrication, and the burning of the shafts will occur when it is serious.



10. Running the engine on a long continuous start and diesel engine works under the condition of low voltage and high current, the battery will be damaged when it is used for a long time. The continuous working time shall not exceed 5 seconds; if it cannot be started at a time, it should be restarted at intervals of 15 seconds.


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