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What Are The Automation Functions of Diesel Generator Sets

Jan. 07, 2019

What are the automation functions of diesel generator sets?

1. Automatic start and input function

When the mains grid stops supplying power or the mains voltage is lower than 80% of the rated value, the diesel generator set will start automatically. After the startup is successful, the load will be supplied with power. The whole process of one-time startup is controlled within 15 seconds, with remote interface. The start delay can be set to realize automatic start and stop of the generator set.

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2. Automatic exit function

During the self-generating output of the generator set in the automatic state, after the utility power is restored and confirmed by 30 seconds, the unit starts to execute the automatic exit procedure. The unit will first cut off the load, restore the mains supply, and then automatically stop after the cold machine runs for 2 minutes. If the mains supply stops during the operation of the chiller, the unit automatically adjusts the speed to restore the power supply to the load.


3. Pre-alarm/fault protection

The battery voltage is low, the charging fails, the overcurrent, the oil pressure is low, the water temperature is high, etc., and the pre-alarm function is provided, that is, the value does not stop when the alarm is not stopped, and the alarm light flashes; when the value exceeds the shutdown value, the oil machine generates a fault and stops.


Low speed, over speed, frequency over limit, voltage over limit, emergency stop, start failure have fault protection function. If the analog input value of a certain channel is greater than the upper limit or less than the lower limit, the corresponding over/under delay is started, and the delay ends. After that, the value has not returned to normal, the oil machine immediately stops, and the warning light is on.


4. Automatic charging function


The unit can automatically charge the start control battery during mains or self-generation. The charging system uses a switching power supply that allows the battery to be charged in a two-stage mode. In the first stage of charging, when the battery capacity is low, the constant current 6ADC is used for charging. When the battery voltage reaches 26.5 VDC, it is charged to constant voltage and is kept floating. When the battery is fully charged, the charging current is automatically zero.


5. Manual function


There are automatic and manual on the panel of the unit control system. When the system works in the manual state, it can realize the start of the unit. High and low speed conversion, power supply, shutdown, alarm signal, light test alarm, self-generating trip and closing, mains Brake and other operations. The emergency stop knob is effective both in the automatic and manual states. Do not use this button in non-emergency situations.


6. Overview of other features


Use animated icon type alarm, fault display, high brightness, multi-color liquid crystal display display parameters; automatically record unit running time; compact and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance.


Configuration and application of automated diesel generator sets


Automated diesel generator sets usually use good performance diesel engines and high-quality generators as supporting products, and their market share continues to grow. It is a favorite generator set product.


Automated diesel generator set configuration:


1. An alternator equipped with a permanent magnet machine generally uses a Stanford generator produced by Cummins.

2. Diesel engines with electronic fuel supply or electronic injection are generally used in Cummins, Volvo, Doosan and other brands.

3. LCD control system with data interface, generally choose Zhongzhi electronic controller or deep sea controller.

4. The complete chassis is usually equipped with an 8-hour base mailbox and is equipped with an oil level sensor.

5. Excellent dual power switching system for interlocking mechanism.


Application of automated diesel generator sets:


Automated diesel generator sets are generally used in units that have special requirements for power demand. The selected automatic generator sets generally have the functions of self-starting, self-stopping, and three-way, and have the functions of collecting voltage, current, power, temperature, pressure and other parameters. It is a reliable backup power supply.


1. When an automatic generator set and grid power are used alternately, the diesel generator set is set to the automatic mode, and the starter battery is supplemented with continuous charging to ensure that the mains can be started in time when the power is cut off.

2. When two automatic diesel generator sets are used alternately, the running time of a single unit is set, and the main standby unit is set. When the running time is reached, the other generator set is automatically started and alternately operated.

3. When multiple automatic generator sets run in parallel and the mains alternates, the mains power is cut off, and the generator set is automatically delayed. When the current generator set is warmed up, the next generator set is automatically started, when all the generator sets are started. When the operation is successful, it will automatically close and automatically run in parallel.

4. The requirements of environmental factors and mechanical performance of the automatic generator set are relatively high. When constructing the machine room, the necessary design must be carried out according to the relevant parameters of the generator set.


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