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How to Start And Stop Diesel Generator Set

May. 12, 2018

5.3Initial start/stop----Automatic start control panel (initial start and stop)


The following procedures are applicable for the initial start of the electric generating set configured with automatic start control system or the first start after a period maintenance of the generating set.

How to Star And Stop Diesel Generator Set


*Press the emergency button or switch the control switch to “STOP” to stop the engine at any time.


*Before restart, release the emergency stop button and rotate clockwise. Meanwhile, switch the control switch manually to “STOP”.

1. Examine before start the machine according to Chapter 5.2

2. Connect battery to the engine, first positive electrode and then load.

3. Check whether the engine oil is filled to the assigned level.

4. Check whether water is filled.

5. Discharge the air in fuel system.


Connect and start the abnormal fueling system will cause unburned oil accumulated in the smoke evacuation system, bringing potential explosion risk.

4.Fill the fuel supply system with manual fuel tank and discharge the air accumulated in the oil filter. (For more detail information, please refer to the “Diesel Manual”)

StartPut the main controller to start position manually and press the start button. The diesel will automatically start for three times until started. If failed to start, the control system will lock at “starting failure” while the fault indicator on the control panel will be on. Under this condition, please refer to the “Diesel Manual” to find out the reason of starting failure.


If failed to start for many times, dismount the connector of the smoke evacuation pipe to disperse the unburned oil gas. Once the oil gas (white smog) dispersed and other faults for starting failure are rejected, reinstall the exhaust pipe and restart.

6Check whether there’s unusual noise or vibration.

7Check the cooling liquid and smoke evacuation system for leakage.

8Check the control panel indicator lights for abnormality, especially for unusual high temperature or extremely low oil pressure. The oil pressure shall be in normal range 10s after the starting.

9Check the voltage and frequency displayed on control panel. Voltage is the indicating rated voltage set by the factory and the load frequency of generating set with 50 cyclic waves is about 52 cyclic waves and 62 cyclic waves for generating set with 60 cyclic waves. (Electronic governor or cyclic wave of EFI unit can be pre-set an ideal value close to the rated cyclic wave.) There are three ways for voltage adjustment: if the control panel installed with voltage adjustment potentiometer, voltage can be adjusted through it; fine adjustment can be achieved through a potentiometer installed in the automatic voltage adjuster in the terminal box of alternator; output voltage alternation requires to change the coil of alternator with the coil joint stored in the terminal box.

For more information on connection, please refer to the “Alternator Manual”.

Cutoff switch is not allowed to switch on during the phase examination.

10When the electric generator already produced voltage, install the phase meter on one side of the cut off switch of the generator for phase examination, which shall be implemented by qualified technicians.

11Stop machineIf  press the emergency stop button, the machine will stop running immediately. If press the manual stop button, the machine will stop according to the set procedures.

12Check the remote control device, release the emergency stop button and put the controller on “AUTO” Input the remote control signal and the engine will start according to the abovementioned procedures. Clear the remote control signal and the engine will stop immediately.

NoticeWhen receive stop order, control system will control the engine to run continuously for a while depending on the cooling time before the automatic stop for the purpose of cooling.

13Now the load cable can be connected and the generator is ready for normal operation.

5.4Normal manual start / stop------Automatic start control panel (normal start and stop)


* Press the emergency stop button and the generator will stop at any time.

* The emergency stop button shall be reset by clockwise rotation before restart.

1Examine before start according to the description in Chapter 5.2.


* It is not allowed to start the machine when the fault indicator light is on. Turn

off the controller again and reconnect to the power switch for entering into a start procedure. Make sure all faults cleared before start.

2Manual start: Make sure the emergency stop button reset. Put the manual button of controller to manual position and press the start button, releasing it when the indicator light above the start button is on. At this moment, controller enters into starting procedure and diesel will automatic start for 3 times until started. If the diesel failed to start, controller will display “starting failure” and fault indicator light on the control panel will be on. Under this condition, please refer to the 9th section to find out the fault or refer to refer to the “Diesel Manual” to find out the reason of starting failure.


The unburned oil gas accumulated in the smoke evacuation pipe caused by many times starting failures is of explosive danger. Therefore, first disconnect the joint or pipe of the exhaust pipeline to let the white oil smog disperse, and find out the starting failure faults, and then reinstall the exhaust pipeline for restart.

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