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More Information About Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 01, 2018


4.12.2 Protection:Generator and load connections are protected by cutoff switch, which will automatic shutoff circuit during overload or short circuit.

More Information About Diesel Generator Set

4.12.3 LoadLoad balance shall be guaranteed during the power-supply system design and it is not allowed to have the load of one phase exceeding significantly that of another phase, resulting in the over heat coil of the alternator.

The imbalance between phases may also cause damages to the sensitive three-phase device connected on the power system. Make sure that the current of one phase no exceeding that of the generator. If it is necessary to connect the generating set to the existing branch feeding, it must consider for reallocation to achieve balance load.

4.12.4 Power factor

Power factors (COS) of load must be computed in design. If the power factor is lower than 0.8, the hysteresis (electrical inductance) will make the generator overloaded. The most smooth operating power factor of the output power of this machine is from 0.8 to 1.

It is particular important not to generate leading power factor during installation of automatic or manual power factor correction equipment (e.g. capacitance), otherwise, it will cause unstable voltage and devastating ultrahigh voltage. Generally speaking, all power factor correction equipments must be turn off during power supplying of the generator.

4.12.5 Ground connection requirement:Ground connection requirement is determined according to different regions. The machine foundation must be connected to ground absolutely as anti-rattler was applied during the generator installation. Ground connection wires shall be flexible to avoid breakage caused by vibration. Ground connection wires or clamps must be at least able to pass the full load current of the generator and in accordance with the local specifications.

4.12.6 Reconnection of alternator: Most alternators can be reconnected for the accommodation of different output voltage. For more information on the connection method, please refer to the “Alternator Manual”. Before changing voltage, check whether other components are appropriate for the new voltage, such as power switch, current convertor, wires, ampere meter, and so on.

4.12.7 Parallel operation: Special devices are required when the standard generator used in parallel operation or synchronization.

4.12.8 Insulation testAfter finishing the generator installation, it shall check the resistance of the coil first rather than start the machine immediately. Automatic voltage regulator shall be disconnected and the rotating diode can be used as short circuit temporary or disconnected first. All of the control wiring shall be disconnected. Disconnect the guide line between midpoint and ground with a 500V megameter or similar apparatus, and measure the resistance between terminal and ground. The insulation impedance of generator to the ground must be exceeding 5MΩ. If the insulation impedance is less than 5MΩ, the coil must be processed according to the steps stated in “Alternator Manual”.

4.13 Noise abatement

Noise control becomes extremely important in most installation. There are various ways for noise control.

Workers operating the generating set or walking near the generating set must be wear noise protection equipment.

4.13.1 Silencer for smoke evacuation Just as discussed on Chapter 4.8, silencer for smoke evacuation will reduce the noise of diesel. Silencers with different levels show different erasure effect. Silencers generally divided into four categories: industrial environment, home environment, high requirement, and ultrahigh requirement.

4.13.2 CasingJust as discussed in Chapter 4.2, the casing is used for rain proof and noise reduction. These casings can be specially designed for satisfaction of unique noise requirement.

4.13.3 Other noise reduction approaches: When the generator is installed indoors, there are various devices for noise reduction, such as silencing box, space ventilation, fan muffler, sound-absorbing wall materials.

4.14 Movement (Mobile generator set)

4.14.1 Preparation for movement : Check all components connected to the trailer truck and generator components for wear of connection due to over utilization, corrosion, breakage, metal bending, loose screws, etc. The capability of trailer truck shall add 10% security coefficient on the base of generator weight.

Connect trailer truck with mobile generator set and check the fastness of joint. Connect the indicator light. If there’s iron chain, connect to the trailer truck bypass the towbar. If there’s security wirerope, connect to the trailer truck.If installed jack with former screw, tighten it and use bolts or locked instrument for security. Lock the front wheel on the highest position and ensure jack lifted or locked with backward stabilized. Check whether the air pressure of tires is normal; check whether all taillights are operated normally; and check whether all reflectoscopes are all flat, clean and effective. Check whether the load connection and ground connection are removed, whether window, doors and tool case are closed and locked. Be sure all external pipelines are removed. If installed with hand-made anchor, release it and take off the wood for wheel fixing.

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