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Installation Instructions of Shangchai Diesel Engine

Oct. 18, 2019

We know that a diesel generator is mainly composed of diesel engine and alternator. Most of the time, what we are familiar is engine maintenance, engine installation is less. In this article, you not only learn the installation of Shangchai diesel engine, but also the instructions of intake system, exhaust system and cooling system.

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3.3 Installation of Diesel Engine

3.3.1 When the engine being installed, make sure the space above the engine compartment, before and after the engine is enough to operate and maintain the engine.

3.3.2 To avoid the stress due to deformation of the engine mounting plate affecting the engine, make sure the engine mounting plate is provided with sufficient rigidity and good flatness (≤0.2mm), and remove the clearance between the engine bracket and the engine mounting plate by grinding and other methods.

Although the engine is connected with vibration isolation pads, ensure that the flatness of the mounting plate is within 0.2mm. Depending on type of the engine, the dimension from the engine mounting bracket to the engine crankshaft center-line changes.

3.3.3 The host machine of W series marine diesel engine is matched with the gearbox fro the marine diesel engine with SAE flywheel housing. The diesel engine is connected with the gearbox through either the flexible coupling or the long-life flexible coupling.

Caution: After the coupling is connected, no axial force acting on the crankshaft is allowed. Otherwise, the engine thrust plates will be damaged.

During the installation, make sure the concentricity of the engine crankshaft and the gearbox input shaft is less than or equal to 0.2mm. After installation of the unit finishes, check the connection accuracy.

3.3.4 Installation of front-end output equipment of diesel engine

The front-end output pulley of diesel engine can be used to drive the water pump, the hydraulic pump of steering gear, the generator and other small machinery and equipment, and its total power must not exceed 50%. If more equipment needs to be driven by the front-end output equipment of diesel engine, a pulley with separate supporting base must be designed and connected with the engine pulley through the flexible coupling, and its coaxiality with the engine pulley should be less than 0.2mm. The installation diagram is shown in the figure.

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Caution: The ancillary equipment of the engine should be symmetrically arranged on its both sides to prevent the engine crankshaft from withstanding a unidirectional tension.

If the front-end output equipment of diesel engine is required to drive the net winch, large hydraulic pump and other large machinery and equipment, it must be connected through the flexible coupling, with a concentricity of no more than 0.15mm. After installation of the unit finishes, the connection precision should be calibrated. In the process of use, the coaxial precision should also periodically be checked to ensure that the coaxiality of the coupling is in the above-mentioned allowable range.

Caution: Failure to do so can damage the engine crankshaft and other related parts!

3.3.5 Installation of the intake system

To ensure sufficient fresh air for operation of the engine, the air inlet of the engine should be arranged in the well-ventilated area outside the compartment. The inlet pipe should be as short as much as possible and equipped with a minimum number of bends, or with a large arc transition. The inner diameter of the inlet pipe should be not less than 200mm, and the pipe wall should be smooth and free of slag particles. No dust or foreign objects in the inlet pipe is permitted during the installation. Also, make sure the connecting pipe from the air filter to the engine turbocharger is sealed well without any gap and leakage. The air filter inlet should be protected appropriately (such as, equipped with protective screening) to prevent water or foreign objects from entering into the engine. The inlet position should be away from heat sources and the exhaust gas from the exhaust pipe should be prevented from being sucked into the inlet pipe. If the air filter is installed in the engine compartment, to ensure normal operation of the engine, the engine compartment must be equipped with good ventilation equipment.

3.3.6 Installation of the exhaust system

The external exhaust pipe should be made of steel pipe and connected with the engine turbocharger through flexible coupling, and its inner diameter should be greater than the expansion joint, and it should be equipped with a minimum number of bends. The external exhaust pipe should be securely fastened to the hull without vibration, and its weight should not be imposed on the engine expansion pipe. No expansion joint is permitted to be used to eliminate the inter-pipe misalignment.

Caution: After installation of the exhaust system finishes, the engine back-pressure should be no more than 6kPa. Failure to do so can affect the engine performance!

Th exhaust system must be able to prevent sea water, rain water, and or other objects from entering the engine. Since the exhaust pipe surface is hot when the engine running, the exhaust pipe should be installed to avoid approaching any combustion objects.

Caution:To prevent fire, staff burns and other accidents, take additional insulation measures on the surface of the external exhaust pipe!

When several engines are fitted together, if they share one external exhaust pipe, this may cause the following problems: when several engines work non-simultaneously, the condensate water caused by the external gas will enter into the inoperative engines, and this can easily to damage to the engine parts.

Caution: Each diesel engine should be equipped with its own independent exhaust system!

If the exhaust system needs to be equipped with an exhaust muffler additionally, the exhaust muffler should be selected and installed to minimize the increased back-pressure of the exhaust system.

3.3.7 Installation of the cooling system

Remember that the cooling system pipeline in the engine has been connected well in the engine factory.

For the external cooling (sea or river water cooling) pipeline of the engine, the sea water pump driven by a C-shaped V-belt can be installed on one side of the engine according to the actual situation.

Caution: The cooling pipe should be corrosion-resistant materials and be in a minimum length and equipped with a minimum number of bends. The inner diameter of the cooling pipe must not be less than that of the interface of the connecting component to reduce the resistance from the water way! 

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