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Maintenance of Diesel Generator Set in Four Levels

Oct. 15, 2019

Diesel generator sets can be divided into two types according to their usage, one is the standby power supply equipment of the generating set and the other is the main power supply equipment of the generator set. The service life of these two types of generating sets is quite different, and the maintenance of internal combustion engines is usually determined by the cumulative number of hours when the engine is turned on. The first type of power supply above is only a few hours per month, such as accumulative B, C group technology maintenance hours and technical maintenance, time will appear too long, so it should be flexible and timely maintenance according to specific conditions. It can eliminate the bad situation of the machine in time, ensure the unit is in good condition for a long time, and can extend the machine.

diesel generator set


Note: In order to make the diesel engine to work properly and reliably, the technical maintenance system of the diesel engine must be implemented. The technical maintenance category is divided into two categories, including grade A maintenance inspection (daily or weekly) and grade B maintenance inspection (250 hours or 4 months); Class C maintenance inspection (every 1500 hours or 1 year); medium maintenance inspection (every 6000 hours or one and a half years); overhaul maintenance inspection (every 10000 hours or more).


I Level B maintenance of diesel generator set


If the operator is to obtain the most satisfactory operation effect of the generator, the engine must be kept in the best mechanical condition. The maintenance department needs to obtain daily operation reports from the operator and arrange the necessary adjustments. And prearranged more maintenance work on the project as indicated in the report. Making correct interpretation of the engine's daily operation report and subsequent practical measures will eliminate most of the failures without requiring emergency repairs.



1. Before turning on, check engine oil plane, some oil ruler has two kinds of marks, high mark "H" and low mark "L".


2. Use the oil scale on the generator to check the oil plane. In order to get the accurate reading, the oil plane should be checked for 15 minutes at the shutdown. The oil scale should be matched with the original oil plate, and the oil plane should be kept as close as possible to the high "H" mark. Note that when the oil level is lower than the low mark "L" or higher than the high mark "H", never operate the engine.


3. It should be added to the plane of the engine coolant, keep the cooling system full to the working plane, check the coolant plane every day or each time, check the reason for the coolant consumption, check the coolant plane only after cooling.


4. Check whether the belt is loose, if there is a belt slip phenomenon should be adjusted.


5. Turn on the machine after the following conditions are normal and carry out the following checks.


Lubrication oil pressure; power foot; cooling water and oil temperature is normal; engine sound is normal; exhaust gas of unit row; fuel or lubricating oil consumption of coolant; oil, coolant or lubricating oil leakage.



II level B maintenance of diesel generator set


For each "B" level maintenance inspection, complete the "A" level inspection items and add the following items to replace the engine oil. The main items and the limits of the analysis results are listed below.



(1) Replacement of oil during "B" level inspection


1. Start the engine to reach the working temperature, stop the engine, remove the oil screw plug from the bottom of the oil pan, and release the oil.


2. Put the screw plug back on the oil plate, and the torque of the screw plug is 500.60 pounds (70,80newton-meter).


3. Add oil to the crankcase at the "H" high mark on the oil ruler.


4. Start the engine, check the oil leakage.


5. Stop the engine and wait for 15 minutes of the oil flow back to the oil pan to check the oil level again with the oil ruler. If you need to add. The lubricating oil used should be in accordance with the specifications, and the original filter should be installed.



(2) Cycle of lubricating oil replacement


1. The period of oil replacement is determined by the instructions for the use of genset.

2. A prescribed period of 250 hours or 4 months (whichever is first come).

3. The oil replacement cycle is determined by the following variables: 1 > fuel consumption per hour; 2 > oil consumption per hour; 3 > oil filter system.


4. The generator runs 400-500 hours or one and a half years. It needs to replace the style, it needs to replace the diesel tank, oil grid, water grid every 250 hours or a year.


III Level C Maintenance of Diesel Generator Set


1. carry out B technical maintenance contents

2. Thoroughly clean fuel including fuel tank, filter, pipeline, diesel pump and nozzle.

3. Thoroughly check the cleaning lubrication system, including crankcase, oil pipe, oil filter, machine oil pump, oil cooler, etc., and replace the oil, pay special attention to the oil cooler, whether the oil pipe is corroded or damaged.

4. Check whether the generator and motor commutator is out of order, and use sandpaper to smooth the dirt and check the spring of the electric brush.

5. Check valve timing system and STC valve and adjust them when necessary.

6. The cleaning solution consists of 150 grams of Kona, plus six liters of water. Before cleaning, the cooling system is completely drained, then an equal amount of cleaning solution is poured in to avoid precipitation of the suspended solution, and then the cooling system is cleaned with clean water.

7. After each cumulative 1500 hours, remove the generator and motor, clean the old bearings on each piece of the machine, replace the butter, etc., and check the gear drive of the starter at the same time.

8. General inspection of generator components and necessary corrections and adjustments.


IV Maintenance inspection of diesel generator set


1. Implement level C technical maintenance

2. Check cylinder head assembly: remove cylinder head, check cylinder head, valve seat, valve guide, valve spring, rocker and rocker arm wear and repair or replace if necessary.

3. Remove piston, connecting rod bush, check cleaning, wear degree of piston, cylinder liner and replace if necessary.

4. Check the connecting rod, connecting rod bearing, valve distribution mechanism, regulator and other parts, if there is loosening or damage, should be overhauled.

5. Remove the cover plate and check the water seal ring of the cylinder liner from the bottom end of the cylinder liner.

6. Remove the front cover and check if the injector on the cover of the transmission mechanism is clogged, and if it is blocked, it should be unobstructed.

7. Check the wear of crankshaft assembly, thrust bearing, thrust plate, roll main bearing inner and outer ring, and replace if necessary.

8. Check the transmission mechanism, remove the front cover, observe the wear of the meshing surface of the transmission gear, measure the meshing clearance, and repair or replace the gear if necessary.

9. Check the injector, check the injector on the special test bench, grind or replace the injector and other components if necessary. Check the fuel injection pump, check the sealing condition of the plunger and other components and the wear of the anti rust pin, and replace it if necessary.

10. Check engine oil pump, cooling pump, supercharger, inspect and measure vulnerable parts, and adjust

11. Check charger and starter motor, clean components, add new lubricating oil after dry bearing, check gear wear of starter and flexibility of transmission device.

12. Clean the sediment and dirt in the watercourse.

13. When installing, the piston ring, connecting rod bush, upper repair kit and lower repair kit must be replaced.


Note: intermediate maintenance should be operated for 6000 hours or one and a half years, depending on the actual conditions of the generator set.



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