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Daily and Winter Maintenance of Diesel Generator

Oct. 15, 2019

As a emergency standby power supply after power failure, diesel generator sets are in standby state in most cases. Once the power is cut off, whether the generator set can start and supply is the key of playing as an important role during power supply. Otherwise, it will lose its meaning as a backup power source. Therefore, in order to make sure that diesel generator can be started successfully during power cut, it is necessary to maintain diesel generators in daily use.

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Below are some tips for users to maintain diesel generator.


1. When the generator is in operation, all screens should be locked and the key shall be kept by hand. It is especially important not to leave the key in the lock.


2. Note that insulation tools should be used to ensure circuit safety when connecting or disconnecting the circuit.


3. Check engine starting motor batteries and wiring for metal objects. Clean up immediately.


4. Once the generator has a major fault, can press the control screen emergency stop button emergency shutdown. (this method is not advocated because frequent adoption can cause damage to the equipment.)


5. Before the generator stops, pay attention to load separation, let the unit idling for a period of time until the complete shutdown. In addition, the forced shutdown of the generator can easily cause damage to the unit by installing part of the unit with the stop valve, or by turning off the key switch of the control screen.


6. Generator monthly maintenance content:


A. Clean up the dust on the surface of the unit, etc.


B. Check whether the speed control rod is flexible and lubricate the connection points;


C. Change cooling water, measure PH value before and after replacement (normal value is 7.5-9), and do a good record of measurement, if necessary, add drug treatment;


D. Check the tension of fan and charger belts and adjust them if necessary


E. If the generator is used in important occasions, the no-load test should be started for at least 10 minutes per week, and the half-hour test with load should be done every six months.


Besides daily maintenance, how to keep diesel generator safe in winter or cold weather is also important.

1. Selection of diesel oil Carefully

Light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be selected in winter, and the freezing point of diesel oil should be lower than the local minimum temperature of 7-10 ℃ in the current season. Because the low temperature in winter will reduce the flow of diesel oil, increase the viscosity that will lead to uneasy spray. As a result, it is easy to cause poor atomization due to the diesel can not be fully burned, resulting in the power of diesel generators decreased and waste.

2. Do not release water too early or release water without cooling water

Before flameout should idle operation, waiting for cooling water temperature to 60 ℃, water is not hot and then rest assured. If the cooling water is released prematurely, the body will suddenly shrink and crack when the temperature is high. The residual water should be discharged thoroughly when discharging water to avoid the expansion of the body.

3. It is not suitable to start with open fire

Do not remove the air filter, with cotton yarn dipping with diesel fuel ignited to make a fuse placed in the intake pipe to implement combustion booster. In the starting process, the dust-containing air of the outside world will inhale directly into the cylinder without filtration, forming abnormal wear of the piston, cylinder and other parts, and will also form the rough operation of diesel engine and harm the machine.

4. The engine should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes after starting in order to raise the temperature of the diesel engine, check the working condition of lubricating oil, check the normal operation before it can be put into normal operation. In the operation of the diesel engine, the service life of the valve assembly will be affected by reducing the sudden acceleration of the speed or stepping on the throttle to the maximum operation, otherwise the long time will affect the service life of the valve assembly.

5. Attention should be paid to body insulation

Winter temperature is low, easy to make diesel engine operation cooling excessive. Therefore, heat preservation is the necessary measure to prolong the life of diesel generator in winter. In the northern region, diesel generators should be equipped with insulation cover and thermal insulation curtain and other cold-proof equipment in winter.

6. It is not advisable to bake oil bottom with open fire

Avoid causing oil in the oil pan to degenerate, even scorch, smooth function decline or thorough loss, and then aggravate machine wear. Low freezing point oil should be used in winter, and the engine oil temperature can be raised by using water bath outside the machine to warm up the engine oil.

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