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Which Is the Best Diesel Generator Supplier in China

Dec. 06, 2019

Do you plan to purchase diesel generator set from China? But don’t know which generator supplier is reliable? Also have no idea which brand generator is good quality and stable performance? If so, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will be your best choice.

Starlight Power is a professional manufacturer of diesel generator sets, founded in 1974, with 64 sales and service centers in China, providing technical consulting, free commissioning, maintenance and training services to customers. Starlight is also the largest OEM supporting manufacturer of Cummins diesel generators in China. Over the years, we have cooperated with Cummins, VOLVO, Perkins, Shangchai (SDEC), Ricardo, Deutz, Weichai, Weichai Baudouin (400KW to 3000KW heavy duty emergency diesel generators), Yuchai and other engine manufacturers to provide the highest quality generator sets to users, which has been well received by customers.

Starlight diesel generators have two major characteristics: one is for emergency use, the continuous working time is not long, generally only needs to run for a few hours (≤ 12H); the second is as a backup, the diesel generator is usually in a standby state, only when the main power supply is completely failed, the diesel generator will start to supply emergency power load. When the main power supply is restored to normal, it will switchoff immediately. When purchasing diesel generating sets, users should consider from the aspects of capacity, performance, and function selection of the control system.

diesel generator sets

Determination of capacity

The calibration capacity of Starlight diesel generator is 12h. The capacity should be able to meet the total calculated load of the emergency power, and it should be verified that the generator capacity can meet the requirement of starting a single maximum-capacity motor in the first-level load. Emergency generator generally uses three-phase AC synchronous generator with a nominal output voltage of 400V. When there are multiple generator sets in standby, generally only one diesel generator is set up. Considering reliability, two gensets can also be used in parallel to supply power.

Generally, the number of emergency generators should not exceed 3. When multiple units are selected, the units should try to use complete equipment with the same model, capacity, voltage regulation and speed control characteristics, and the fuel properties used should be the same for maintenance and common spare parts.

When there are two generator sets for emergency use, the self-starting device should enable the two units to be used as backup for each other, that is, after a delay in confirmation of power failure in the mains power supply, the self-starting command is issued. If the first unit fails to self-start for three consecutive times, an alarm signal shall be issued and the second diesel generator shall be started automatically.

Selection of performance

The emergency generator set should choose the diesel generator set with high speed, supercharging, low fuel consumption and the same capacity. High-speed turbocharged diesel engine has a large single-unit capacity and occupies a small space; The diesel engine is equipped with electronic or hydraulic speed-regulating device for better speed regulation performance; The generator should be equipped with a brushless excitation generator or a permanent magnet generator, which has reliable performance, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance.

Starlight provides Stamford, Leroy-Somer, CSIC Siemens, MARATHON, Engga, Shanghai KEPU, and Starlight and so on brushless AC generator.

When the motor capacity is large, it is advisable to choose the third-harmonic excitation generator; the unit is mounted on a common chassis with shock absorber; the exhaust pipe outlet should be designed for noise reduction to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment.

Function selection of control system

The control system of the diesel generator should have a quick self-starting and automatic input device. When the main power fails, the emergency generator set should be able to quickly start and restore power supply. The allowable power-off time of the first-level load ranges from ten seconds to tens of seconds, which should be determined according to the specific situation. When the main power supply of an important project is cut off, a certain time of 3-5S should be passed to avoid the instantaneous voltage drop and the time when the city grid is closed or the standby power is automatically turned on, and then issue an instruction to start the emergency generator set.

It takes a period of time from the issue of the command, the start of the unit, the speed increase to the full load. Generally, large and medium-sized diesel engines also require pre-lubrication and warm-up process, so that the oil pressure, oil temperature, and cooling water temperature during emergency loading comply with the product technical requirements; the pre-lubrication and warm-up process can be carried out in advance according to different conditions. For example, military communications, important foreign affairs activities of large hotels, large-scale mass activities in public buildings at night, emergency surgical operations in hospitals, etc. should always be pre-lubricated and warmed up, so as to start quickly at any time and shorten the time of power failure as far as possible.

Starlight control system includes SMARTGEN and DEEP SEA.

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