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What System Does Diesel Generator Set Consist of

Oct. 16, 2019

Diesel generator is a kind of power generation equipment, which is used as emergency power generation when power is cut off.

Diesel generator set is mainly composed of several systems such as control system, charging system, fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, intake and exhaust system, and supercharged air intake system. Strengthening the understanding of the parts names and functions of these systems and components is beneficial to the efficient use of the gensets. The following is a detailed introduction of the composition and function of each system by diesel generator set professional manufacturer – Starlight Power.

First, the composition of the operating system: electronic speed regulator or mechanical speed governors, starting motor, and throttle cable system. Function: At the same time as the motor starts, the solenoid valve pulls the governor throttle to the proper position, and supplies oil to the cylinder to make the cylinder rotate.

Second, the composition of the charging system: charger and regulator. Function: The electric-start engines generally have charging equipment, so that the battery can be recharged in time after being discharged.

Third, the composition of the fuel system: governor can be divided into centrifugal type, pneumatic type and hydraulic type according to its working principle. Centrifugal type is common. Function: When the diesel generating set is working, its load is changed, which requires the power output of the generator set to be increased or decreased accordingly. In addition, the frequency of the power supply is required to be stable, which requires the rotational speed of the diesel engine to remain stable. Therefore, the diesel engine is generally equipped with a governor.

Fourth, the composition of the lubrication system: oil pump, oil filter, oil cooling device, and oil pipeline. Function: supply lubricating oil to the friction surface to reduce the frictional resistance and the wear of the machine parts, and partially cool the friction parts, clean and cool friction surface; improve the sealing performance between piston ring and cylinder wall; It acts as a rust preventer.

Fifth, the composition of the cooling system: pump, radiator (water tank), fan, distributive pipe, body, water jacket in the cylinder head, thermostatic valve. Function: The heat from the high heat parts is released into the atmosphere.

Sixth, the composition of the intake and exhaust systems: valve components and valve drive assembly. Function: The intake and exhaust processes are realized by the valve mechanism, so that fresh air is charged into the cylinder in time and the exhaust gas is exhausted from the cylinder in time.

Seventh, the function of the intake supercharging system: Exhaust gas turbocharging is to use the exhaust gas energy discharged by the diesel engine to drive the supercharger, compress the air and then deliver it into the cylinder. The purpose of supercharging is to increase the air flow into the cylinder, increase the air density in the cylinder under the condition of constant volume of the diesel engine, so that the diesel engine can burn more diesel to increase its output power, which is the most economical and effective method.

Yuchai generator

Through the study of the composition and function of each system of diesel generator sets, it can help your solve the problems when the units breaks down. Usually, the failure of the fuel supply system is mainly caused by the blockage of the oil pipe or the filter. The reason for this is that a large amount of air enters the fuel supply system or the diesel used in the diesel engine does not meet the requirements of the oil supply system.

In order to effectively avoid this situation, we can take targeted measures against the two causes. First of all, when the faulty personnel are cleaning the oil pipe and the filter, it is necessary to prevent the air from entering the oil supply system. If air has entered, it must be exhausted in time. Secondly, the diesel fuel used in the diesel engine is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the fuel supply system. Only by doing the above two points can the effective operation of the fuel supply system be effectively ensured, and the normal operation of the diesel generator set can be guaranteed.

If you still don’t know the system of the unit or don’t know how to solve the problem when there is a fault, please contact us: sales@dieselgeneratortech.com. We are one of leading manufacturers of diesel generator and our products have passed CE, ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and meet ISO 8528 international standard.

If you are interested in Chinese brand generator, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipment Co.,Ltd Recommends China Yuchai YC6MK Series G-Drive Diesel Engine Power Generation

YC6MK series engine after more than 10 years market trial, is widely used in heavy bus, heavy truck, engineering machinery, ship and generator set. After its configuration is upgraded to electronically-control high pressure common rail, the emission meets the requirements for non-road stage III, and it is characterized by sufficient margin, stronger dynamic performance, less fuel consumption and better transient loading capacity.

Power for 200 – 330KW Gensets

Yuchai YC6MK engine

YC6MK Model Characteristics

1) Integral crankcase and integral head are adopted, which ensure good reliability.

2) Wet cylinder liner is adopted, which ensures the wear resistant and easy maintenance.

3) High-strength crankshaft is adopted, which ensures good wear resistance, and long service life.

4) The internally-cooled oil channel technology is adopted for piston, which ensures high temperature resistance and good reliability.

5) Advanced and mature electronically-control high pressure common rail fuel system, and the secondary injection technology are adopted, which ensure better dynamic performance and less fuel consumption.

6) Requirements for Grade G3 generator unit performance satisfied.








Vertical, in-line, water-cooling, four-stroke

Air intake mode

Turnocharged & intercooled

Cylinder – bore x stroke (mm)


Displacement   (L)


Compression ratio


Prime power/speed KW/r/min






Standby  power/speed KW/r/min






Minimum fuel consumption rate  g/kwh


Engine oil capacity (dry engine) L


Engine’s fuel 

ratio   %


Start mode

Electric start

Fuel system

Electronically-control high pressure common rail

Noise dB (A)

≤ 96


GB 20891-2014, ECE R96  Stage IIIA  GB 20891-2014 Stage III

Dimension  with radiator

  L x W x H (mm)

2089 x 1130 x 1392

Dry weight of diesel engine (kg)

Engine: 1030kg   Radiator: 155kg

For alternator selection, you can choose Stamford, Marathon, Leroy-Somer, Siemens and Starlight.

Controllers: SmartGen & Deep Sea

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