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Silent Diesel Generator Set Maintenance

Oct. 15, 2019

A regular generator maintenance should be done according to user manual. We know that diesel generator consumes diesel fuel during operation, and exhaust gas is directly discharged. When the exhaust gas is discharged, the speed of the fan is obviously increased, thereby causing exhaust noise. 

Noise is emitted from the exhaust gas, and noise is also generated when entering the air. When the generator is running, it will produce different mechanical friction machinery noise as the components run, and there is noise from the cooling fan. This is a relatively common sound. If the generator is used in the urban area or the places required noise environment, then you should use a silent diesel generator instead of open type generator.

In this article, we will talk about how to maintain your silent diesel generator.

silent generator set

1. Low noise generator set cooling system

If the cooling system is faulty, it will cause two results. 1) insufficient cooling will cause the water temperature in the generator set to be too high and shut down; 2) Water level in the water tank is lowered by the leakage of the water tank, and the unit will not operate normally.

2. Fuel system

The increase in the amount of carbon deposits will affect the fuel injection volume of the injectors, resulting in insufficient diesel combustion, the amount of fuel injected into each cylinder of the engine is not uniform, which results in unstable operation of the silent generator.

3. Battery

If the battery is not maintained for a long time, the electrolyte will not be supplied in time after evaporation, starting the battery charger without equipment, battery will be discharged after long-term natural discharge.

4. Engine oil

The oil has a shelf life, which means that the physicochemical function of the oil will change if it is not used for a long time, and the cleanliness of the diesel generator set will deteriorate during operation, which will accelerate the wear of the unit parts.

5. Fuel tank

When water enters the diesel generating set, water vapor in the air will be condensed under the change of temperature, and the drop of water will be attached to the inner wall of the fuel tank. When the water drops into the diesel oil, the water content of the diesel will exceed the standard. After such diesel enters engine high-pressure oil pump, the precision coupling will be rusted, and if it is serious, the unit will be damaged.

6. Oil filter, fuel filter and air filter

During the operation of the soundproof electric generator set, oil or impurities will deposit on the wall of the filter, and the filter function will be degraded due to excessive filtration. If the deposition is too much, the oil circuit will not be unblocked. When the electric equipment is working, it will not be able to use properly because the oil cannot be supplied.

7. Lubrication system, sealing elements

Due to the chemical properties of the lubricating oil or grease and the iron filings after mechanical wear, these not only reduce its lubricating effect, but also damage other parts. As the lubricating oil has a certain corrosive effect on the rubber seal, other oil seals  also aging at any time to make the sealing effect decline.

8. Line connection

If the silent diesel generators are used for too long, the connection may be loose. Therefore, periodic inspection is very necessary.


Advantages of Starlight Silent Generating Sets

Starlight silent generating sets adopt vibration isolation, noise reduction, sound insulation, sound absorption, fireproof, high temperature resistance, rainproof, anticorrosion and so on noise reduction technical measures, which greatly reduce its noise index. This series of genset has remarkable low noise performance, multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch type soundproof cover, reducing the impact of noise on users.

Starlight silent generator noise level can reach 65 dB at 7 meters, with low fuel consumption, reliable performance and easy operation features. Most soundproof gensets produced by other manufacturers just can reach 75dB or 80dB.

soundproof diesel generator

The structure of Starlight low noise/silent diesel generators is reasonable. A large capacity fuel tank is mounted on the bottom of the unit that is enough to run 8 hours. Two maintenance doors are installed on the left and right side for unit troubleshooting. In addition, an observation window and a unit emergency shutdown failure button are provided on the box to observe the operation of the unit and stop the genset at the fastest speed in case of emergency so as to avoid damage to the gen set.

Starlight low noise/silent generators power range is from 20KW to 1000KW. If you are interested, send us email to get the price now!

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