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Safety Procedures for Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 15, 2019

The following is safety procedures:


1. The diesel engine-powered generator, the operation of engine section is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the internal combustion engine.

2. Before starting the generator, it is necessary to carefully check whether the wiring of each part is correct, whether the joint parts are firm, whether the brush is normal, whether the pressure meets the requirements, and whether the grounding wire is good.

3. Before starting, put the resistance of the field varistor at the maximum position, disconnect the output switch, and the generator set with the clutch should disengage the clutch. Start the diesel engine with no load, and then start the generator after running smoothly.

4. After the generator starts running, always pay attention to whether there is mechanical noise or abnormal vibration. After confirming that the situation is normal, adjust the generator to the rated speed, adjust the voltage to the rated value, and then close the output switch to supply power. The load should be gradually increased to strive for three-phase balance.

5. The parallel operation of the generator must meet the same frequency, the same voltage, the same phase, and the same phase sequence.

6. Generators that are to be operated in parallel must have entered into normal and stable operation.

7. After receiving the signal of “preparing for parallel connection”, the whole unit shall be used as the standard to adjust the speed of the diesel engine and close at the synchronous moment.

Generator set

8. Generators operating in parallel should adjust the load reasonably and distribute the active power and reactive power of each generator in a balanced manner. The active power is regulated by the diesel throttle and the reactive power is regulated by the excitation.

9. The generator in operation should pay close attention to the engine sound and observe whether the indication of various instruments is within the normal range. Check if the running part is normal and the generator temperature rise is too high. And make a good record of the operation.

10. When parking, reduce the load, restore the excitation varistor, reduce the voltage to the minimum, then cut off the switch in sequence, and finally stop the diesel engine.

11. If the diesel engine in parallel operation needs to stop one due to load drop, the load of one generator that needs to be parked should be transferred to the running generator, and then stopped by the method of single generator parking. If all parking is required, the load will be cut off first, and then the single generator will be shut down.

12. Mobile generators must be parked on a stable foundation before use. No movement is allowed when running.

13. When the generator is running, it should be considered to have voltage even if it is not excited. It is forbidden to work on the rotating generator lead-out line and touch the rotor or clean it by hand. Generators in operation must not be covered with canvas or other objects.

14. After the generator is overhauled, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are tools, materials and other debris between the rotor and the stator slot to avoid damage to the generator during operation.

15. All electrical equipment in the machine room must be grounded reliably.

16. It is forbidden to pile up sundries and flammable and explosive materials in the engine room. Except for the on-duty personnel, other personnel are prohibited from entering without permission.

17. The necessary fire-fighting equipment shall be provided in the machine room. When a fire accident occurs, the power shall be stopped immediately, the generator shall be turned off, and the fire extinguisher of carbon dioxide or carbon tetra-chloride shall be used for the rescue.

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