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How To Solve The Power Reduction Of 200kw Yuchai Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 10, 2022

As the leader of domestic generator brands, Yuchai generators are particularly popular in the market with their 200kw power units. However, many users will find that after long-term use of 200kw Yuchai diesel generator sets, it will cause a certain power loss. Due to external factors, the power of the generator itself may drop to 190kw or even lower. Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., reminds you: 200kw Yuchai diesel generator sets will have various problems in different ways of use. Necessary maintenance and adjustment are as follows:


1. Treatment of poor air intake: Check the filter, pipeline and turbocharger. The supercharger should be clean and free of dirt, so that the supercharger impeller can rotate more flexibly.


2. Air leakage treatment between the air filter and the diesel engine: Check all pipe clamps, joints and gaskets and re-tighten them.


3. Dirt treatment of turbocharger compressor: clean or replace the turbocharger, and check whether the turbocharger has dirt.


4. Treatment of poor fuel quality of diesel generators: check and replace the fuel.


5. Treatment of gas leakage in oil pipeline: check whether the joint is loose, whether the pipeline is broken, whether the filter is tightened, etc., and correct it.


generator set

6. Treatment of oil pipeline blockage: If there is foreign matter in the oil pipeline or the pipeline is damaged, it should be cleaned and repaired.


7. Treatment of oil leakage from internal or external oil pipelines: Check all filters, gaskets, pipes and joints for oil leakage from external oil pipelines. Check the internal oil circuit for oil leakage by pressurizing. Repair or replace.


8. Treatment of poor oil intake in the fuel system of the generator set: Check whether the fuel filter is blocked and whether the fuel is polluted. Check that hose connections or other connections are tight.


9. Repair or replace the blockage of the injector injection hole: clean the injector and the injection chamber, replace and readjust.


10. Treatment of generator set gear pump damage or gear wear: Check the pumping height on the test bench.


11. The size of the fuel injector and the fuel injection chamber is incorrect: readjust the fuel injector after replacement.


12. Treatment of the rupture of the injector and the injector chamber: remove the injector and the injector chamber. Replace the cracked fuel injection chamber.


13. Improper handling of injector flow: check the O-ring of the injector and the Weichai power generator. Group fuel injection chamber, plunger filter, fuel injector flow, replace damaged parts, and readjust.


14. Treatment of excessive exhaust back pressure: Check and correct the exhaust back pressure under load. In areas with hot climates or high altitudes, due to the thin air when using 200kW generator sets, the climatic conditions have an impact on the diesel engine, and the thin air should appropriately reduce the load.


From the above, we can know that the main factors that usually cause the power drop of 200kw Yuchai diesel generator set are too dirty air filter, not enough air intake or not too dirty fuel filter device, not enough fuel injection, etc. In order to avoid similar situations, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. recommends users to regularly maintain the unit to keep the unit in a good standby state.


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