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How to Maintain Diesel Generator Set in Winter

Jan. 16, 2020

A diesel generator is a combination of diesel engine and alternator. The alternator is driven by diesel engine to generate electricity. However, whether it is a diesel engine or a alternator, maintenance and cold protection work are required in winter. How to maintain diesel generator in winter? What are the antifreeze measures?

Diesel Generator Set Winter Maintenance Tips

After the diesel generator is running in winter, if it is parked in the open air, pay attention to the weather changes at any time. When the local temperature is lower than 4 degrees, the cooling water in the cooling water tank should be discharged, because the volume of water changes greatly at 4 degrees. When the water changes from liquid to solid, the expansion of the volume will damage the cooling water tank radiator.

Preheating work

When the diesel generator set is started in winter, the temperature of the intake air in the cylinder is low, and it is difficult for the piston to reach the natural temperature of diesel after compressing the gas. Therefore, the corresponding auxiliary method should be adopted before starting the diesel engine to increase the temperature of the diesel engine body. When the outside air is cold, start the diesel generator set at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes, in order to raise the temperature of the diesel engine, check the working condition of the lubricating oil, and then put it into normal operation. In the process of operation should reduce the abrupt acceleration operation, otherwise it will affect the service life of the valve assembly.

Use antifreeze

Antifreeze can make the diesel generator set work effectively in winter. Generally, antifreeze should be selected with the freezing point lower than the local minimum temperature of 10°C. Antifreeze is generally colored, and can be found in time when leaking. Once found to dry the leak and check the leak, repair it in time. There is also regular replacement of antifreeze to prevent its failure.

diesel generator set

Replace air filter element

The air in winter is relatively thin and dry, and the ground dust is scattered in the air by mechanical vibration. Therefore, the air filter element of the diesel generator set is very important and needs to be replaced more frequently. Otherwise, the dust in the air will not only affect the purity and combustion of the oil, but also may enter cylinder wear equipment. If it is not replaced in time, it will increase the wear of the engine and affect the service life of the diesel generator.

Replace the diesel oil

Nowadays, diesel oil on the market can be used at different temperatures according to different brands. Before winter comes, we should know first how low the local winter temperature was in the past years, and then choose diesel oil with a temperature lower than the minimum temperature of 3 to 5°C, which is generally applicable. The minimum diesel temperature in winter ranges from 29°C below zero to 8°C above zero, which can be selected as required.

Replace the oil

When choosing diesel engine oil in winter, should try to choose the oil with slight viscosity. Engine oil at normal temperature is different from colder temperature oil. Engine oil at room temperature will increase viscosity and friction in cold winters, which will affect engine rotation and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the special oil in winter. However, winter oil cannot be used at normal temperature, because oil used in winter at normal temperature may fail and cause equipment failure.

Measures for preventing cold and freezing in diesel generator set

1. When the diesel generator set is overhauled in winter, ensure that the ventilation and air conditioning of the facilities and equipment such as the power distribution room and control room are normal, and perform maintenance and overhaul in advance;

2. Exposed equipment and pipeline circuits leading to the outdoor of the machine room need to be covered with insulation cotton, straw cotton, cotton rope and other insulation measures;

3. Check the tightness of the doors and windows of the machine room to ensure that there is no cold wind or snow blowing in the machine room in the weather where the snow and wind are cooling, so as to ensure that the indoor temperature will not leak out before the normal operation of the equipment.

4. Put the heater to increase the temperature of the equipment. The temperature of the engine cylinders and components must be raised to the standard temperature before starting.

5. It is recommended that the diesel generator set located outdoors should be covered with a thermal insulation shed to achieve the effect of preventing cold and freezing. If conditions do not permit, do not use open flame to bake the equipment.

The above is the winter maintenance tips and cold protection measures of diesel generator shared by Starlight. Hope it can be helpful to everyone.

In fact, diesel generator equipment, like many mechanical equipment, can ensure effective work for a longer time as long as it is maintained and operated in the correct way.

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