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How To Do The Daily Maintenance Of Diesel Generator Pulley

May. 20, 2022

As an important part of the transmission equipment, the pulley is the core component of the normal operation of the diesel generator set. Doing a good job in the daily maintenance of the pulley can effectively avoid the damage to the entire equipment caused by the operation of the pulley. Since the regular inspection and maintenance of the pulley cannot be ignored, how can we do the daily maintenance of the pulley?


The daily maintenance of the pulley looks at the following three points:

1. Inspection and cleaning of the keyway and installation hole: the tapered sleeve of the pulley is a wearing part. After a long time of operation, the inner hole and the chain groove may be damaged. It should be inspected before each assembly and replaced in time if any defects are found. At the same time, the taper sleeve is an important part of the direct connection between the pulley and the machine. We need to regularly clean the inner hole of the pulley with gasoline. Note that after cleaning the gasoline, the inner hole needs to be wiped clean, and then a little lubricating oil is added, and it can be installed.


2. Surface anti-rust treatment: The surface of the standard pulley is smooth without burrs, and the color is uniform. If the surface of the pulley is oxidized and rusted, it will affect the counterweight of the pulley, which is one of the common reasons for the imagination of the pulley to shake during operation. one. Pulley surface treatment method: The pulley surface treatment needs to clean the surface with gasoline and non-woven cotton cloth, and then coat the surface with a layer of anti-rust oil.

diesel generator set


3. Check the tension and wear of the belt.

Other stressful maintenance includes:

1. Insufficient tension: The most common problem with V-belts is that insufficient tension can cause slippage, noise, premature wear, loss of power, reduced efficiency, and shortened belt life.


2. Over-tensioning: Also problematic is that the increased load on an over-tensioned belt can cause rapid wear on the motor, shaft, belt and bearings. Excessive tension can reduce the efficiency of the drive train, thereby increasing power consumption and heat output. Not only is energy wasted, but high temperatures can stiffen the belt and shorten its lifespan.


3. Pulley Condition: An important part of energy saving systems, misaligned or worn pulleys can increase downtime for repairs and cause inefficiencies.


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