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What Faults Will Occur in the Operation of Cummins Generator

Jan. 10, 2020

Cummins diesel generator set adopts 4 stroke water-cooled diesel engine, single bearing and brushless self-excited synchronous ac generator (Class H, IP23) and automatic control module. Products comply with  ISO 3046, ISO 4001, ISO 8525, IEC 34-1 and other standards.

Cummins generator has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, low noise, big output power, reliable performance and good quality, etc, and offers a warranty of the global “ Three Guarantee” and has built a professional service network all over the country, which provides after-sales services and supplies spare parts for 24 hours a day. Most customers prefer to buy Cummins diesel generator because of its reliable quality and convenient service.

What problems and faults will occur during the operation of Cummins diesel generators? Cummins generator will experience aging of components and large clearance during long-term operation. These failures should cause users' attention.

Cummins diesel generator set

Low oil pressure: In the operation of Cummins diesel generators, low oil pressure will cause poor lubrication of the transmission components of the unit. If the oil circuit is blocked, there will be the phenomenon of cylinder pulling, cylinder holding, excessive bearing clearance, etc., which will directly affect the normal use of Cummins diesel generator set.

The low oil pressure of Cummins diesel generator is mainly related to the following aspects:

(1) Cooling system: The oil cooler is blocked; the space outside the radiator core is blocked.

(2) Lubrication system: The oil filter is dirty; the oil suction pipe is blocked; the oil pressure regulator fails.

(3) Mechanical adjustment and repair; improper bearing clearance; engine in need of overhaul; main bearing or connecting rod bearing damage.

(4) Maintenance: The engine is overloaded; the oil should be replaced on time to ensure the correct use of the oil filter. Only in accordance with the correct maintenance methods to ensure the normal use of the generator set.

In the operation of Cummins diesel generator set, it is often encountered that the coolant does not circulate, including large cycle, no small cycle, or small cycle without large cycle, resulting in rapid cylinder temperature rise and oil temperature rise, causing sudden shutdown, which will directly affect the safety of Cummins diesel genset.

The coolant does not circulate for the following reasons:

(1) The radiator fin of Cummins diesel generator is blocked or damaged. The cooling fan does not work or the cooling fin is blocked, so that the temperature of the cooling liquid cannot be lowered, the cooling fin is rusted, resulting in leakage and poor circulation.

(2) Cummins diesel generator set thermostat failure. A thermostat is installed in the combustion chamber of the engine for the purpose of controlling the temperature of the engine combustion chamber. The thermostat must be opened at the specified temperature (82 degrees) to help the small cycle. If there is no thermostat, the coolant cannot maintain the circulating temperature and a low temperature alarm may occur.

(3) The cooling system of Cummins diesel genset is mixed with air, which causes the pipeline to be blocked. Damage to the suction valve and exhaust valve on the expansion water tank also directly affects the circulation. At this time, you should always check whether their pressure values meet the requirements. The suction pressure is 10kpa and the exhaust pressure is 40kpa. In addition, whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked is also an important factor affecting the circulation.

(4) The coolant level of the Cummins generator is too low or does not meet the requirements. Too low liquid level can directly cause the coolant temperature to rise so that the coolant does not circulate. The coolant is 50% antifreeze + 50% softened water DCA4 according to the regulations. if not in accordance with the regulations will cause pipe blockage, rust in the pipe wall, so that the coolant cannot circulate normally.

(5) Water pump failure of Cummins diesel generator. Check whether the water pump works well. If it is found that the transmission gear shaft wear exceeds the limit, it indicates that the water pump has failed to function and needs to be replaced to circulate normally.

If the problems and faults of the diesel generator in operation are not handled in time, it will not only shorten the service life of the generator, but also damage the generator.

Starlight is a generator manufacturer with 43 years experience in diesel generator manufacturing, has always insisted on providing high quality diesel generator sets to customers. For many years, Starlight Cummins generator has been the preferred generator brand for customers. We only produce brand new generator sets. If you are interested in our Cummins generator, please contact us to choose the appropriate power and configuration.

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