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Problems for Using Diesel Generator Coolant Liquid

Oct. 15, 2019

The use of coolant in diesel generator solves the problems of poor cooling and high temperature of the diesel generating set. Usually, we should replace the cooling liquid every one and a half years to two years. The standard replacement cycle of the cooling liquid will be very helpful for the genset protection. It can form a protective film on the surface of cylinder sleeve of the generator set so as to prevent the occurrence of cavitation and reducing wear and corrosion, which can prolong the maintenance intervals of the genset and reduce the maintenance cost. On the contrary, non-replacement for a long time, it will definitely reduce the using effects. So what problems should be paid attention to in the process of using diesel generator coolant?

diesel generator set

Coolant selection: Select clean fresh water such as rainwater, tap water and river water. The well water and underground water (Hard water) shouldn’t be used directly, because they contain more minerals, which is easy to form limescale in the water tank of diesel engine, influence the cooling effect and even result in malfunction. If there is only hard water, it must be light softened before using. The softening method usually refers to the boiling method. Boil the water, add 0.67g caustic soda to per liter of water, and use the upper water after precipitation.

Cool the diesel engine with seawater is not allow

When the diesel engine is used below 0°C, it should prevent the coolant freezing since it may cause the cracking of relevant parts. Therefore, when the diesel engine finishes running, the cooling liquid of each parts should be discharged. For adopting the models of closed cycle cooling system, it can be equipped with appropriate antifreeze coolant according to the local minimum ambient temperature.

The formula of commonly used antifreeze coolant is as follows:

When equipped with the flammable antifreeze coolant, you should pay attention to fire safety since both ethylene glycol and alcohol are inflammable materials. Before using antifreeze coolant, the dirt in the cooling system should be cleaned to prevent the production of new chemical precipitates, which will affect the cooling effect. For the diesel generator that used the antifreeze coolant, it is not necessary to let out the coolant every time after stopping, but it should be regularly added and check the composition.


Do not use 100% antifreeze as coolant


If there is much limescale and dirt in the cooling system of diesel engine, clean it with cleaning solution. The cleaning solution can be made from water, soda water(Na2CO3) and water glass (Na2SiO3). Namely, add 40g soda water and 10g water glass to each liter of water. When cleaning, pour the cleaning solution into the cooling water chamber of the diesel engine. Drive the diesel engine to operate, when the outlet water temperature is greater than 60°C, continue to run for about two hours and then parking, and release the cleaning solution. After the diesel engine is cooled, wash it with clean fresh water for two times, drain and pour into the cooling water and drive the machine to operate again. When the outlet water temperature reached 75°C, parking and release the sewage, after that, inject new cooling water.

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