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Maintenance Tips for Diesel Engine

May. 23, 2017

Proper maintenance of diesel engine, especially preventive maintenance, is the easiest and most economical maintenance. Besides, it is also the key to  prolong the service life and reduce the cost.

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Here are our useful tips to keep your diesel engine

Daily Maintenance


Inspection itemsOperation method
Check the fuel quantity in fuel tank

Observe the fuel level in fuel tank, add enough amount if


Check the oil level in oil panThe oil level should reach the mark on the oil dipstick. If it is not sufficient, you should add to the specified amount.
Check the oil level of the fuel injection pump governorThe oil level should reach the mark on the oil dipstick. Add enough amount if necessary.
Check the leaks (water, oil, and gas)

Check the installation of diesel engine accessories

Including the stability of the accessories installation and

the reliability of the connection between the foundation 

bolt and the machine.

Check the instrument

Observe whether the instrument reading is normal or not.

If it is not normal, repair or replace it timely.

Check the fuel injection pump transmission connection plate

Whether the connection screw is loose or not, if it is loose, proofread the fuel injection advance angle and tighten the 

fitting screw.

Clean diesel engine and auxiliary instrument

Use the rag that has been soaked with diesel fuel to wipe 

off the oil stain, water and dust on the surface of the 

engine body, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, and air 

filter. And use compressed air to blow off the dust on the 

surface of charging generator, radiator and fan and so on.


Monthly Maintenance (One month)


Inspection itemsOperation method

Check the battery voltage electrolyte specific gravity

Use the hydrometer to measure the electrolyte specific gravity. When the ambient temperature is below 20, the specific gravity should not be less than 1.27. Meanwhile, the liquid level should be higher than 10-15mm of the counter electrode. If it is insufficient, it shoul be filled with distilled water.
Check the tension degree of the triangle rubber beltSimilar to the belt tension adjustment method, check and adjust the degree of tightness of the belt.

Clean the oil absorption coarse strainer of the oil pump

Open the engine body large window cover, pull open the coarse strainer spring locking pieces, and remove the strainer, then place them into the diesel fuel and clean them.

Clean air filter

For the inertia oil bath type air filter, you should clean the steel wire core and replace the engine oil. For basin (cyclone) type air filter, you should clean the dust on the dust collection plate and maintain the paper filter element.

Clean the filter element inside the ventilation pipe

Remove the filter element from the engine body door cover plate, then put it into the diesel fuel or gasoline and clean it. 

Clean the fuel filter

Remove the filter element and the shell in every 200 hours, and then clean them in diesel fuel or kerosene, or change the core, meanwhile, you should exclude the water and sediment.

Clean the oil filter

Generally, do this step in every 200 hours.

1) Clean the wound rotor type coarse filter element.

2) For the scraping blade filter, turn the handle to clear the oil contamination on the surface of the filter element, or put it into the diesel fuel and wash it.

Clean the oil filter and oil inlet of the turbocharger

Put the filter element and tube into diesel fuel or kerosene and clean them, and then dry to prevent dust and sundries contamination.

Change the oil in the oil pan

According to the use of the machine oil (oil contamination and viscosity reduction), you should change once every 200 to 300 hours.
Filling lubricating oil or greaseFor all the oil nipple and mechanical tachometer joints, filling the prescriptive lubricating grease or machine oil.
Clean cooling water radiatorPour the clean water into the radiator and remove the precipitate until it is clean.


Half a Year Maintenance (Six month)

Diesel engine 2nd-class maintenance refers to the cumulative work 500h or regular maintenance every six months. The maintenance parts include injector, fuel injection pump, water pump, valve, radiator and fuel injection plug, etc.

Inspection itemsOperation method
Check the injectorCheck the fuel injection pressure, observe the spray and do the necessary cleaning and adjustment.
Check the fuel injection pumpReadjust it if necessary.
Check the valve clearance and fuel injection advance angleAdjust if necessary.
Check the intake valve, exhaust valve and sealing conditionRemove the cylinder liner, observe the sealing and wear condition of the conical surface. If necessary, repair it timely.
Check the water pump leakageIf there is water leakage, you should exchange the water seal ring.

Check the water seal ring of cylinder liner

Remove the large window cover of the engine body, check whether there is water leakage, otherwise, remove the cylinder liner and exchange the new rubber sealing ring.

Check the fuel injection plug on transmission cover plate

Remove the front cover, check whether the spray orifice of the fuel injection plug is smooth. If there is something blocking, you should clean it timely.
Check the cooling water radiator, engine oil radiator and coolerIf there is water leakage and oil leakage condition, you should do the necessary repair.

Check the strudy condition of the main parts

Check the connecting rod screw, crankshaft nut and cylinder head nut. Remove and retighten it to the specified torque if necessary.
Check electrical equipmentWhether the wire joint is connected, it should be replaced if there is burning loss.
Clean oil and fuel system pipingIncluding the cleaning of oil pan, oil pipe, oil cooler, and fuel tank piping.

Clean the cooling system piping

Use per liter 150g sodium solution to fill up the diesel engine cooling system, and then start the diesel engine after staying 8-12h. When the water temperature is above 75, remove the cleaning liquid and then clean the cooling system with clean water.

Annual Maintenance

Inspection itemsOperation method

Check cylinder head assembly

Check the wear condition of the valve, valve seat, valve shaft guide, valve spring, push rod and rocker arm fitting surface. If necessary, polish or replace them.

Check piston connecting rod components

Check the wear condition of the piston ring, cylinder liner, connecting rod bushing and connecting rod bearing shell. Replace them if necessary.

Check crankshaft components

Check the wear condition of thrust bearing and toggle plate, whether there iscircumferential flow phenomenon in the rolling main bearing inside and outside circle. Replace them if necessary.

Check the transmission mechanism and valve timing

Check the valve timing, observe the wear condition of the transmission gear mating surface and measure the meshing clearance. Repair or replace it if necessary.
Check fuel injectorCheck the injector spray, grind and replace the nozzle mate parts if necessary.
Check fuel injection pumpCheck the sealing of the plunger matching parts and the wear condition of the flying iron pin. Replace it if necessary.

Check turbocharger

Check the clearance between the impeller and the shell, the wear condition of floating bearings, turbine rotor, air seal and oil seal and other parts. Repair or replace it if necessary.
Check oil pump and fresh water pumpOverhaul, measure and adjust the easily-worn parts.
Check cylinder head, intake and exhaust pipe gasketFor the damaged or lose the seal function ones, you should replace them.

Check charging generator and starting dynamo

Cleaning the parts and bearings, fill with new lubricating grease after drying. Then check the wear condition of the starting motor gear and the rotation device is flexible.

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