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Classification and Function of Korea Daewoo Generator Set Relay

Oct. 12, 2022

The relay of Daewoo generator set in South Korea is one of the important electrical components of relay protection. It is responsible for the connection and disconnection of control circuits and has been well used in voltage and current detection, accident alarm and other occasions. Daewoo generator set relay in South Korea has made great progress and development from mechanical, electromagnetic, crystal and integrated circuit relay in the early days to electronic relay.

daewoo generator

There are many kinds of relays for Daewoo generator sets in Korea, which can be classified according to different methods.

1. Measuring relay and auxiliary relay.

Measuring relay is a relay that directly reflects large electrical quantities, mainly including voltage relay, current relay, power relay, resistance relay, frequency relay and differential relay.

Auxiliary relay is a relay that indirectly reflects the changes of electrical or non electrical quantities, mainly including intermediate relay, time relay, thermal relay and signal relay, which are usually used in automatic control devices and protection circuits.

2. Connect the relay to the circuit

The primary relay controls the electricity of the relay not through the transformer, but into the primary circuit.

The electrical signal of the secondary relay control relay is provided by the secondary side of the transformer.

3. Classification according to relay control open circuit mode

The direct acting relay relay acts directly on the tripping mechanism.

After the indirect acting relay acts, it does not directly control the tripping, but controls the auxiliary circuit. There is an operating circuit to act and open circuit tripping mechanism.

To sum up, because the electromagnetic and inductive relays of Daewoo diesel generator sets in South Korea have the advantages of good mechanical strength and long service life, they are still widely used in the market. Nowadays, with the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic relays have been widely used due to their rapid action, high sensitivity, no movable parts, anti vibration, impact resistance, small power and volume.

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