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What Types of Power Generators Are There

Oct. 16, 2019

There are many types of generators. According to the engine speed, they can be divided into high, medium and low speed generators. According to the power, they can be divided into large, medium and small capacity generators. According to the output voltage of the generator, it can be divided into AC generator set (medium frequency; 400HZ, power frequency; 50HZ) and DC generator set. When the voltage frequency is 50HZ, the calibration voltage of small and medium-sized generators is generally 400V (three-phase) or 230V (single phase), the calibration voltage of large generators is generally 6.3 to 10.5KV. However, the more common classification method is to classify according to the control mode, use and appearance structure of the diesel generator set.

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1. Classified According to the Control Mode of Generator Set

① Manual Generator Set

This type of genset is the most common type.The genset has automatic voltage and speed adjustment functions. The operator can start, close, open and stop the unit at the machine room. This type of genset is usually used as a primary or backup power source.

② Self-starting/Auto Start Generator Set

The self-starting unit is based on the manual unit and has a self-starting control system. When the mains suddenly loses power, the unit has the functions of automatic start, automatic voltage regulation, automatic frequency modulation, automatic switch switching and automatic shutdown; when the unit oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature and the cooling water temperature are too high, it can automatically make a sound. Light alarm signal; when the unit is overspeed, it can automatically stop the unit for emergency shutdown. The advantage of the automation unit is that it greatly increases the dependence on the operator and shortens the time between the interruption of the mains and the supply of power to the unit. This type of unit is usually used as a backup power source.

③ Microcomputer Control Automation Generator Set

The generator consists of a fully-performing diesel engine, synchronous generator, fuel (oil, cooling water) automatic compensation device and automatic control panel. The automatic control panel is controlled by programmable automatic controller (plc). In addition to the functions of the self-starting unit, it can automatically increase or decrease the unit according to the load size, automatically handle the fault, automatically record the printer group operation report and fault conditions. Fully automatic control is realized, and the serial communication interface (RS232, RS422, or RS485) realizes the central station to perform real-time remote control, remote signaling and telemetry for the dispersed units, thereby achieving unattended operation. This type of unit is especially suitable for emergency power supply.


2. Classified According to the Use of Generating Sets

① Continuous Generator

These generators operate year-round and are usually located in areas far away from the power grid or near industrial and mining enterprises to meet the needs of construction, production and domestic electricity. At present, in the area with more developed economy, because the construction of electric power network is less than the power demand of users, the commonly used diesel generator set with short construction cycle is set up to meet the needs of users. This type of generator has a relatively large capacity, provides continuous power supply for unsteady loads, has no limit on the duration of continuous operation, and allows one hour of over-load power supply for a period of 12 hours. The overload capacity is 10% of the rated output power of diesel generator set. Because of its long running time and heavy load, the allowable power relative to the limit power of this unit is set to a lower point.


② Standby Generator Set

Usually, the power required by the user is supplied by the mains, and the generator set sets up to ensure the basic production and life of the user is the standby genset when the mains is cut off or when the power supply is interrupted for other reasons. This type of generator set is mainly located in the telecommunications sector, hospitals, and industrial and mining enterprises, airports, television stations and other major power generations. This type of genset is kept in standby state at all times, providing a continuous supply of power to non-constant loads, with no restrictions on the duration of continuous operation.


③ Emergency Generator Set

For the use of electrical equipment that will cause large losses or personal accidents when the mains supply is suddenly interrupted, emergency generator sets are often provided to supply power to these equipment, such as fire protection systems for high-rise buildings, evacuation lighting, elevators, and control systems for automated production lines. Such important communication systems and medical equipment that is undergoing important surgery for patients can quickly start up when the mains supply is suddenly interrupted, and provide stable AC power to the load in a short time to ensure timely delivery. Load power supply, this unit requires a high degree of automation.


3. Classified According to the Appearance of the Generator Set

① The Basic/Open Type Generator Set

The basic appearance of the water tank, diesel engine, alternator and control box are installed on the same common chassis. The basic genset is usually seen most. It may also be a self-starting unit or a microcomputer-controlled automation genset.

 Silent/Low Noise Type Generator Set

The essential difference between the silent type generator and the open type generator is that the soundproof cover is installed outside the genset, and the silencer is built in, which reduces the noise of the generator. This type of genset is suitable for applications requiring low noise, such as schools, hospitals, and advanced elevator apartments.

③ Vehicle-Mounted Type Generator Set

The vehicle-mounted unit is to install the entire diesel generator set in the car compartment. Usually, the cabinet is to be quietly and noise-reduced. It is a standby and emergency power source designed and manufactured for emergency power supply.

④ Portable Trailer Mobile Type Generator Set

The trailer genset (power station) is equipped with a toka on the basis of the silent type unit, which realizes the convenient movement of the unit and is suitable for short-distance emergency power supply between cities.

⑤ Container Type Diesel Generator Set

The container type generator set is installed in the container. It is designed and manufactured specially for the power supply of field engineering. The power of the genset is generally above 500KW.


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