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What Is The Output Power of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 10, 2022

What is the relationship between the main output power and the standby output power of diesel generator set?

When purchasing a diesel generator set, the user must figure out what the primary and backup powers are. Here are two concepts: primary power and standby power.

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1. Main output power

The maximum power that the generator set can use continuously within 24 hours is call the main output power.


2. Standby output power

In a certain period of time, the standard is 1 hour in every 12 hours, which can be over loaded by 10% on the basis of continuous power. The power of the genset at this time is the standby power we usually call.


For example, if you buy a 200KW main output power diesel generator set, you can run to 220KW in 1 hour within 12 hours. If you buy a spare 200KW genset, if you do not overload, you can run it at 200KW. In fact, the genset has been in an overload state because the actual rated power of the genset is only 180KW. At present, the domestic manufacturers are required to mark the main power, while the foreign countries generally indicate the standby power. When some bad merchants sell generator sets, they say that the standby power is the usual power, so as to fool consumers, causing misunderstandings of many people. Such a generator is very disadvantage. If it is operated at standby power for a long time, which not only shortens the life of the generator set but also causes excessive wear of the generator in high power operation to increase the failure.


What are the output power of diesel generator set?

1. Rated Power

The rated power of diesel generator set refers to the output power contentiously running for 12 hours under standard conditions (atmospheric pressure, relative temperature, ambient temperature) (where the overload is allowed to run for 10% for 1 hour).When the genset is used continuously for more than 12 hours, its output power should be corrected to 90% of the rated power of the diesel engine.


2. Continuous power

Continuous power is the maximum power that is maintained under agreed operating conditions and in accordance with the manufacturers specified maintenance intervals and methods. The gensets annual operating time is unrestricted for continuous supply of constant load.


3. Basic power

Basic power is the maximum amount of power that can be continuously supplied to a variable load with unrestricted annual operation hours under agreed operating conditions and in accordance with the manufacturers specified maintenance intervals and methods.


4. Time-limited operating power

Time-limited operating power refers to the maintenance and maintenance under agreed operating conditions and according to the manufacturers specified maintenance intervals and methods. The maximum power of the generator set for 500 hours per year (per 100% of the time-limited operating power is not more than 500 hours per year)


5. Emergency standby power

Emergency standby power refer to a variable power series that is operated under agreed operating conditions and in accordance with the manufacturers specified maintenance intervals and methods. When the utility grid fails or under test conditions, the generator st operates for up to 200 hours per year. The maximum power in. The average output power allowed during the 24-hours operating period shall not be greater than 70% of the emergency standby power unless to otherwise specified by the reciprocating internal combustion engine manufacturer.


What failures cause power drop of diesel generator set?

Sometimes, the generator mat suddenly have an abnormal situation of power drop during operation, which causes many reasons for the power drop of the generator. Today, the company has mainly analyzed the cause of the fault caused by the generator cylinder head.


1. The intake air is insufficient due to the exhaust gas leakage or the exhaust gas is mixed with the exhaust gas, which in turn causes the generator fuel to burn insufficiently and the power to drop. The mating surface of the valve and the valve seat should be repaired to improve the sealing and replace it if necessary.

2. Leakage of the joint between the cylinder head and the body will cause the gas in the cylinder to enter the waterway or oil passage, causing the coolant to enter the engine body. If it is found to be untimely, it will cause sliding tiles or black smoke, thus making the engine power insufficient. Due to the damage of the cylinder head gasket, a flow of air will be flushed out from the cylinder head when shifting. When the engine is running, there will be blisters at the gasket. At this time, the cylinder head nut should be tightened or the cylinder head gasket should be replaced according to the specified torque.


3. Incorrectly valve clearance can cause air leakage, resulting in reduced engine power and even fire. The valve clearance should be readjusted.


4. Damage to the valve spring can cause difficulty in valve return, valve leakage, and reduced gas compression ratio, resulting in insufficient engine power. The damaged valve spring should replaced in time.


5. Air leaks in the injector mounting holes or damage to the copper pads can result in a lack of cylinders and insufficient engine power. Repairs should be removed and damaged parts replaced. If the inlet water temperature is too low, the heat loss will increase. At this time, the inlet temperature should be adjusted to meet the specified value.


The failure of these generator cylinder head sets will reduce their power, resulting in insufficient power of the generator set and hindering the normal operation of the generator. If your generator is under-powered, please stop it in time to troubleshoot it to avoid damage to the generator.


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