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The Importance of Engine Lubricant in Diesel Generator

Aug. 14, 2018


The diesel engine in the diesel generator set will produce friction in the course of working. These friction will not only consume the work of the diesel generator set but also produce a lot of heat. It is easy to cause the failure of the diesel generator set and affect the normal operation of the generator set. The following are detailed introduction of diesel lubricating oil under the specific role.

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1. lubrication function


As long as the engine of the generator set is operated, the internal parts will produce friction. The faster the speed is, the more intense the friction will be. For example, in the piston part, the temperature can be as high as more than 200 degrees Celsius. If there is no oil in the diesel generator, the temperature will be high enough to burn the whole engine. The first function of oil is to use oil film to cover the internal metal surface of the engine to reduce friction between metals.


2. Thermolysis


Besides the cooling system, the engine oil is also an important role in the heat dissipation of the generator set, because the oil flows through the engine and can take away the heat generated by friction between the parts of the engine and the piston which is farther away from the cooling system. Some cooling effects can also be obtained through oil.


3. Anticorrosive and antirust function


After running for a period of time, the engine oil naturally produces various corrosive oxides more or less, especially the strong acid in these corrosive substances, which is more likely to cause erosion to the internal parts of the engine, and at the same time, to burn the moisture generated by the combustion. Although most will be taken away with the exhaust gas, there is still a little moisture residue, which can damage the engine. So the additives in the oil have the function of preventing corrosion and rust to protect the generator engine from these harmful substances.


4. Cleaning function


The carbon generated by the long-term operation of the generator set and the residue remaining from the combustion will attach to the internal parts of the engine, and if not properly treated, it will affect the function of the engine, especially in the piston rings and inlet and exhaust valves, etc. It creates carbon or adhesive substances that cause detonation, frustration, and fuel consumption, all of which are major enemies of the engine. The oil itself has a clean dispersion function, so that the carbon and residue do not accumulate in the generator set, so that they form small particles, but suspended in the oil.


5. Seal function

Although there is a piston ring between the piston and the cylinder wall to provide sealing, because the metal surface is not very flat, the sealing degree will not be very good. If the sealing effect is not good, the engine power of the diesel engine will be reduced. Therefore, oil can produce film between metals, provide good sealing effect, and improve the efficiency of generating set.


The oil quality of diesel generator sets will directly affect the operation of the generating set. The choice of high quality oil and the correct use of oil can bring into play the technical performance of the oil, ensure the normal operation of the diesel generator set and prolong the life of the diesel generator set.


Specification of diesel oil

In order to ensure the lubricating performance at high temperature, at the same time to improve the low temperature starting performance and reduce the oil consumption, the multistage viscosity oil is recommended for the D114 Series B diesel engine. The ambient temperature range of diesel engine oil with different viscosity grades is different.


Note: diesel engine oil of appropriate viscosity level should be selected according to local ambient temperature.


For most parts of our country, we recommend the use of 15W/40CF-4 oil. If the ambient temperature is lower than -15 ℃, in order to start and supply enough oil, we can choose 10W/40CF-4 oil.


In severe cold areas, if the diesel generator set has been operating below -23 ℃ and there is no heating measure after the diesel engine stops running, the 5W/50SJCF-4 engine oil with sufficient low temperature characteristics should be selected.


Note: although low viscosity engine oil is helpful to start of diesel generator set, because of wear and tear, the life of diesel generator unit will be shortened if it is used continuously, so we should try our best to avoid or restrict the use of diesel generator set.


The use of inferior oil will cause excessive oil consumption, early wear and tear, and even various serious troubles such as cylinder pulling.


Oil deterioration and oil replacement period


After being used for a period of time, the oil deteriorated due to the oxidation of oil at high temperature, road dust, sand, worn metal particles, combustion by-products and unburned fuel, which resulted in the deterioration of oil products and the decrease of lubricating and cooling effects. Oil must therefore be replaced regularly.


In general (users with no conditions for oil testing), oil should be replaced for 350 hours of operation of diesel generator sets, and oil should be replaced for 250 hours in high dust, high altitude and high cold environments.


Note: please do not extend the oil replacement period, due to corrosion, carbon deposition and wear and other reasons, extended replacement period will shorten the life of diesel generators.


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