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Installation and Use of Weichai Diesel Engine

Jun. 10, 2019

3.1 Notice for Use of New Diesel Engine - Weichai Generating Engine

The new diesel engine must be run in before use.Through running-in, ideal fitting will be achieved between the kinematic pair contact surfaces to avoid abnormal wear and damage.

The new diesel engine has received only 1-2 hours of stand run-in before leaving the factory; therefore, the user must let the engine run at rated speed and 50% of rated load for 40-50 hours, and after that the engine can be used normally at full rated speed and full load.It is strictly prohibited to run the new diesel engine at high speed and high load at the very start, or otherwise the engine will be worn prematurely, and its service life will be shortened, or scuffing of cylinder bore and bearing will occur in severe cases.

Weichai generating engine


3.2 Unsealing of diesel engine

When the packing case of diesel engine is opened, the user should check if there is damage on surface of the diesel engine, and if there is looseness of connecting parts and any other problem, after that, continue with following steps:

1) Wipe the antirust coat and corrosion remover and other exposed parts;

2) Drain the oil seal oil inside the fuel filter and the fuel system parts (it is also allowed to start the engine without draining the oil seal oil in the fuel system, but only when the oil seal oil in the fuel system has been exhausted and normal diesel has been supplied, can the engine run with added load).

Note: The oil seal period of engine is usually one year, any exceeding one year should be checked and necessary complementary measures should be taken on it.

3) Turn the flywheel and spray solvent into air intake pipe, until the oil seal oil in the cylinder is driven out completely.

4) Refill lubricant of appropriate brand into the oil sump as required.

5) Freezing points of special coolant of Weichai Power are -25°C, -35°C, -40°C, please select special coolants with different freezing points according to local ambient temperature, and the principle of selection is that the freezing point should be lower than local minimum air temperature by 10 degrees or so.

3.3 Hoisting of diesel engine

When hoisting, keep horizontal the crankshaft center line of engine, and inclined or unilateral hoisting is forbidden.Hoisting and seating should be slow, see Figure 3-1.

Hoisting Diagram of Weichai engine

Figure 3-1 Hoisting Diagram of Diesel Engine

3.4 Assembly of diesel engine and notes

The diesel engine output power at the end of flywheel.When matching and assembling, it is necessary to adopt elastic connecting and ensure the crankshaft center line of engine coaxial with the axis of input shaft of alternator, what's more, ensure that the crankshaft will not bear the additional axial force caused by assembling.The coaxiality of crankshaft center line and gearbox input shaft center line should be smaller than 0.2mm, and the end face run-out should be smaller than 0.2mm, adjustment of coaxiality is as shown in Figure 3-2.


Figure 3-2 Check of coaxiality

During use of the diesel engine, the user should periodically check it as required above, in case of inconformity, timely correct in order to ensure the normal running.

3.5 Installation of external system of diesel engine

1) Air exhaust pipe of engine should be connected outdoor,avoid excessive bending of exhaust pipeline of diesel engine, expansion joints should be installed in the middle of the pipeline, and support should be added to the pipeline; inner diameter of exhaust pipeline should not be smaller than 50mm, and exhaust back pressure should not be larger than 5kPa.

2) The exhaust pipe outlet located outdoor should be installed with a rain cover, and in order to drain the condensed water in the air exhaust pipe smoothly, a water drain valve can be installed at the lowest position of air exhaust pipe.

3) The air intake pipe inlet located outdoor should be installed with a rain cover to prevent rainwater from entering the exhaust system.

4) Capacity of the fuel tank should satisfy the requirement for 8 hours of working under rated load, and the diameter of fuel pipeline should not be smaller than 5.5mm.


3.6 Prestart Preparations for Diesel Engine

1) Check the coolant level

Check the coolant level, if coolant is insufficient, open the liquid filling port cover and add coolant.Avoid by all means adding large volume of coolants into the engine when it is in a hot state.If in abnormal conditions there is no coolant, it is allowed to fill in distill water at not too low temperature, and fill in coolant through the filling port until the coolant overflows. Start the engine, and during the running of engine, continue to add coolants to top up the tank until the liquid level is stable, finally cover the filling port with its cover.

2) Check the fuel level

Turn on the switch of power supply, and check the fuel level from fuel gauge or check the fuel tank.

3) Check oil level of diesel engine

The oil level should be between the upper and lower scale marks, if necessary, add oil through the oil filling port.

4) Check if connection of all kinds of accessories of engine is reliable, and eliminate abnormal phenomena. Check if wiring of start-up system is in normal condition, and if the storage battery is fully charged.

3.7 Start of diesel engine

Before start, check if there is pressure in hand operated fuel supply pump, and if the fuel injection nozzle gives off “coo” sound when rotating the diesel engine; if there is neither pressure nor sound, the air in the fuel passage should be exhausted.

The starting motor should not work continuously for more than 10s. If the first start failed, the second start should be made 2 min later; if the start failed for more than three successive times, identify and eliminate the fault before trying to start again.

3.8 Running of Diesel Engine

1) After start-up of diesel engine, make the engine run at idle speed for 3min, do not enter into running with part of load until the oil pressure is normal, and only when water temperature is higher than 60°C,, it is allowed to enter into full-load running. When the diesel engine is running, constantly pay attention to the readings of all kinds of meters, especially oil pressure.Load and speed should be increased gradually, try to avoid sudden increase and decrease of load.

2) During the 60h run-in period, it is suitable for the diesel engine to work under medium load and below.

3) It is unsuitable for the vehicle to run at idle speed, otherwise, oil pumping and other faults will easily occur.

4) In normal working condition, the diesel engine is allowed to continuously run with rated power at rated speed, but if running with110% of rated power, only 1 hour of working time is allowed in every 12 hours.After unloading, the diesel engine should stop after running for(1~2)min at idle speed.

5) The parameters and check points that should be paid attention to in use:

Lubricant main gallery pressure: (200~500)kPa; and oil pressure at idle speed should not be lower than 98kPa;

Oil temperature in main gallery ≤115°C

Temperature at coolant outlet: (75~95)°C

Rear exhaust air temperature of turbine ≤500°C

Check the exhaust air color in order to identify the working quality and service load of fuel injector, if there is heavy black smoke or white smoke, stop the engine and check.

Note to check if there is water leakage, air leakage and oil leakage of diesel engine, if there is, stop the engine and troubleshoot.

6) In order to avoid damage to diesel engine, when the engine is working, neither the cable leading to pressure regulator of engine nor the cable leading to positive electrode of storage battery shall be removed. Different from DC generator, AC alternator is strictly not allowed to be temporarily connected to earth for power resource check.

3.9 Stop of diesel engine

Before the diesel engine can be stopped, it should be unloaded and decelerated, and should idle for a few minutes. In case of galloping and other failure, you can block the air filter inlet to force the diesel engine to stop.

After the diesel engine is stopped, the electricity key should be disconnected to prevent the battery current from flowing back into the excitation ring of silicon rectification dynamo to avoid battery discharging.

When the atmospheric temperature is below 0°C, if the engine should be stopped for a long time, the cooling water should be drained off to prevent the engine block from being frost cracked; if antifreezing fluid has been added to the cooling water, and then there is no need to drain water.

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