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Operation Instructions for Weichai WP2.3 Series Land Generating Engine

Oct. 18, 2019

Weichai WP2.3 non-road Stage II series diesel engine is a type of high-speed diesel engine independently developed by Weichai Power Co,Ltd., and manufactured by Weichai Power Yangzhou Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.This series of diesel engine has characteristics such as compact structure, reliable use, excellent power, economy and emission and other technical indicators, rapid start-up, easy operation and convenient maintenance, etc.

Weichai Power Engine

In order to ensure effective and normal running of your engine, before using Weichai land generating engine, please carefully read the content below:

It is required to do running-in of complete engine and operate the engine according to the regulations in these instructions, and come to "Three Guarantees" places appointed by Weichai company for "Mandatory Service" with specified period (or trip distance).

It is now allowed to stop the engine running at high speed or with full load suddenly, instead, the engine should be stopped after running at idle speed for several minutes.

Before every start-up of the diesel engine, it is required to check if it has been filled up with coolant, and if enough oil has been added.

It is required to use the fuel, oil and coolant according to these instructions.

Connecting parts of air intake pipeline must be sealed well, and there should not be any crack, sand hole or damage on all kinds of pipes.There should not be any leakage in the whole air intake system.

The periodical technical maintenance of diesel engine includes First-level Technical Maintenance, Second-level Technical Maintenance and Third-level Technical Maintenance. Only by strictly implement the maintenance specifications can we ensure the engine running at optimum working conditions and can its service life be extended.

As a result of large number of product types of Weichai company, the after-sales service of products is subject to the order number on name plate.

The oil seal period of engine is usually one year, any exceeding one year should be checked and necessary complementary measures should be taken on it.

For overhaul and repair, please come to service stations appointed by Weichai Power, and the spare parts used must be appointed by Weichai Power, therefore, Weichai will not bear the responsibility for engine damage caused by using non-appointed spare parts.

Before maintenance or repair, please note:

1. Avoid long time and repeated contact with the used oil.

2. If you can, please wear protective clothing, and wear waterproof gloves.

3. Please do not put oil stained rag into pockets of clothing.

4Avoid oil or liquids from contaminating clothing, especially underwear.

5. Wash the uniforms frequently. Discard the clothing and shoes stained with oil and liquids which cannot be cleaned up.

6. If cut or injured, please take emergency measures immediately.

7. Before work, be sure to use protective cream; it will make oils and liquids easier to eliminate when skin is contaminated with mineral oil.

8. Use soap and hot water, or use hand sanitizer and nail brush to wash hands in order to eliminate all oil stains. If grease naturally secreted by skin is washed off, products containing lanolin can replace the grease secreted by skin, which is helpful for moistening skin.

9. Gasoline, kerosene, fuel, thinner or solvent shall not be used to clean skin.

10. If it feels discomfort of skin, please see the doctor immediately.

11. If possible, remove oil from parts before transportation

12. When both eyes are endangered, please use goggles or face shield. Eye flushing fluids should  be prepared at a place near at hand.

13. When repairing the engine, oils and fluids shall not be splashed onto the ground. 

14. If hydrocarbon or any other fluid leaks by accident, take all necessary measures to isolate this area in order to remain the environment clean and protect staff against injuries.

15. Transportation, storage and reclamation of hydrocarbon, ethylene, glycol or petroleum must comply with the safety and environmental standards implemented by the country where the operation is carried out.

1. Structure and performance parameters of diesel engine

Weichai engine model

1.2 Introduction to overall dimensions and structure of diesel engines

Weichai WP2.3 engine air intake side

 Figure 1-1 Air Intake Side of WP2.3 Non-road Stage II Series Diesel Engine

1—Oil filter 2—Gearbox 3—Fuel injection pump 4—Thermostat 5—Air inlet pipe 6—Fuel filter 7—Flywheel casing

Weichai WP2.3 engine exhaust side

Figure 1-2 Exhaust Side of WP2.3 Non-road Stage II Series Diesel Engine

1—Oil pan 2—Starter motor 3—Breather 4—Exhaust manifold 5—Cylinder head cover 6—Alternator 7—Fan 8—Idler

Weichai engine intake.jpg

Figure 1-3 Front View of WP2.3 Non-road Stage II Series Diesel Engine

1—Intake connecting pipe; 2—Eye ring; 3—Flywheel and ring gear

1.3 Main technical parameters of diesel engines

Weichai land generating engine

For model, power, speed, identification number, weight and other information of the engines, please refer to nameplates of engines! Other performance parameters are given in the following table:




Engine type


Single-bank, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct injection type

Number of cylinders



Bore × stroke






Power range



Minimum fuel consumption rate



Oil/fuel consumption ratio



Crankshaft rotation direction



Starting method


Electric starting

Allowable long-term tilt angle



The power and use conditions of diesel engine for Weichai generator

Continuous power (COP): Diesel engine can run anytime and continuous operation at constant load of maximum power. ISO standard power.

Prime Power (PRP): Diesel engine can run anytime and continuous operation under variable load maximum power. It can overload of 10% ISO standard power.

3. Standby Power (ESP): Diesel engine can running up to 200h by the maximum power of variable power per year. the ISO standard power be oil defined.

The different operating conditions and purposes of diesel engine at the table.

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