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YC4108D/YC4108ZD Series Diesel Engine-Cautions On Safe Driving

Nov. 24, 2017

YC4108D.YC4108ZD series diesel engines are developed by Yuchai in the purpose of satisfying the diesel generator set market requirement.

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This model bases on the foundation of high - quality product YC4108Q, YC4108ZQ, and assimilate the diesel engine technique characteristics of generator set,which is the amalgamation of our company’s abundant experience and overseas advanced technology. YC4108ZD engine bases on the model of YC4108D engine, adopt exhaust gas turbocharging technique, which is good in motive force and fuel efficiency and meet the emission and low noise requirement, The series has good performance in motive force fuel efficiency and dependency. The model, compact, simple, easy maintenance.

This manual introduces the main technical specifications.the basic assemblage requirements,the engine adjustment.the operation and maintenance and the trouhleshooting of the YC4108D.YC4108ZD engine. Proper operation and maintenance will prolong the use life and ensure safety in operation. Please read this Manual carefully before use, and pay special attention to CAUTIONS ON ENGINE USE. To ensure the engine use properly and maximize the clients economic effectiveness, please make the engine maintenance work actually.

This manual is only about the basic model of this series generator set,which is the same for operation and maintenance the modified models. As requirements for technology is developed so fast,modification will be carried out without information.

YC4108D/YC4108ZD series diesel engine generator uses the advanced technical design, the quality reliable, the service life is long, has the good power and the efficiency. In order to enable the machine the high performance to obtain a better display, and guaranteed the machine the safe operation, invites you before the use first in detail reads the textbook instruction for use below, and specially pays attention “the safe driving matters needing attention”.


Cautions On Safe Driving


The oil pressure gauge probe,water temperature gauge probe,and particularly the low pressure alarm are the three very important components,of which immediate replacement is required for any malfunction. It is desired to always maintain the normal function of these components,any failure to comply with that may easily lead to crankshaft bum due to oil shortage or cylinder head crack due to overheat from water shortage.

After cleaning the oil filter gauze or during the process of replacing filter gauze, it should be noted to reinstall the filter only after refilling oil fully,and start the engine on idle running immediately after reinstallation; meantime,check if there is any sign of leakage to any filter. Correct the leaking filters or it may easily lead to crankshaft burn caused by oil short-age.

Each time you start the vehicle,first start the engine on idle running for 5 t0 10 minutes till the engine warms up and all gauges working in normal function,then start to move. Never put the vehicle to sudden acceleration from cold - start. For any dramatic speed - up on cold status will dam-age the instruments and their corresponding parts and components and accelerate the wear and tear of engine's kinetic parts,consequently it will shorten the engines life cycle.

Start the engine on first gear,no chugged idling.

Avoid any sudden stall and quenching the engine at high speed,high load status,the appropriate way is to gear down the engine gradually and stop the vehicle after 5-10 minutes of engine idle running.

Strictly adjust the injection advance angle of the turbocharger engine according to the requirements specified in the Operation Mannual. When the engine power is decreasing,first check the intake pipe to find if there is any leakage and check the air cleaner for the clog of stuff.

Anytime you find the vehicle and/or engine is not working normally, stop it immediately to correct the malfunction ,never allow the vehicle running under an abnormal state.

Don't directly touch the high temperature parts ( such as exhaust pipe) of the engine when you check it,don’t open the radiator cover immediately just after stop,for this may cause physical burn.

Send the engine to a consignment technical service station of Yuchai for a run - in serviced when it reaches its first 1500 - 5000 km of mileage, or you will the warranty for this engine.

Anti-freeze coolant shall be used in the cooling system; otherwise no quality guarantee will be born by the Manufacturer.

The engines normal working condition is -150C ~400C in temperature and below 2000m in altitude,any operation under water or in fire are prohibited. Clean the air filter gauze during dusty and windy condition, replace the filter gauze immediately once it is found to he damaged. Please consult Yuchai's technical or service departments for working below 15℃ or above 400C or over 2500m in altitude, so that effective measures can be taken to ensure normal function.

Operate and maintain the engine improperly will lower the engine performance of power,economy,emission and life cycle,and also do harm to the environment. The cause and troubleshooting can be founded in the table I.table II table III and " safety caution".

Hoisting and transporting the engine according to the notes on the engine s package,  and store the engine in a condition of dry,clean,good ventilate and with no corrosiveness things. The engine's storage is no longer than 12 months( counted from the ex - factory date).

Please open the radiator cap in the meantime while adding water to the diesel engine.


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