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How to select and correctly use antifreeze solution

Dec. 06, 2017

We have leaened the basic information about antifreeze solution in the artical Antifreeze Solution And Its Application Guide. In this post, you will learn how to select and correctly use anti-freeze solution and how to use anti-freeze solution correctly.

How to select and correctly use antifreeze solution

At present, anti - freeze solution is widely used, inadequate understanding of the characteristics, requirement and method in its use will bring some trouble to your vehicle, such as starting difficulty, leakage at pipe fittings, hose rupture, watering difficulty, radiator corrosion, cylinder sleeve cavitations, etc.


(1)Select anti - freeze solution of different freezing points according to the ambient temperature.

Its freezing point should be approximately 10℃ lower than the lowest temperature recorded in the regions history.

2)Select anti - freeze solution according to the number of vehicles and vehicle - concentration.


For those units or departments with quite a number of vehicles that .are more often used in one region, small - package anti - freeze mother liquid can he selected, which is stable in performance and convenient for l' transportation and storage. It can also be modulated in many flexible ways

according to the use condition, achieving conservation and practicality. K there is only limited number of vehicles and they are used in different regions, you can choose the direct - use type anti - freeze solution.


3)Use high quality anti - freeze solution, never use inferior quality ones.


High quality anti - freeze solution is usually certified as passing the inspection by the State designated inspection stations. From the exterior appearance, it should be crystal clear, not turbid and have no foreign material or or irritating smell The external packing should bear detailed information on the manufacturer name, product instruction and explicit indications. Inferior quality anti - freeze solution will not be able to be anti -freeze and anti - boiling; and quite on the contrary, it will accelerate corrosion to the cooling system.


4)Use anti - freeze solution that matches the rubber sealing component/pipe

Anti - freeze solution should have no side effect on the rubber sealing component part, such as swelling or encroachment.


How to use anti -freeze solution correctly

1)Wash the cooling system thoroughly before filling anti - freeze solution.


If you fill the anti - freeze solution without a thorough cleaning, the anti - rust performance will he weakened. Following these steps to wash it:

①Start engine, when the coolant gets to the thermostat threshold temperature, stop the engine, then drain the coolant.

② Use 10% caustic soda solution as coolant and make the engine run 5 minutes at high speed, let it drench for one hour, then drain it.  

③Add soft water, make the engine running at high speed for 10 minutes, and then drain the water. Repeat this step for several times till there is no pollutant out of the drained water.


2)Before filling anti - freeze solution, don’t forget to check if the cooling system has any seeping points. Remove any seeping then add anti - freeze solution. Ethanediol’s surface tension is low; it may easily seep through the crevices. Therefore, before you change anti - freeze solution, you should first check and fasten the branches and fittings of cooling system,to prevent any leakage.


3)Anti - freeze solution s expansibility is greater than that of water, if there is no expansion tank, you should only fill up the anti - freezing liquid to 95% of the cooling systems volume.


4)Prohibit direct filling up anti - freeze mother liquid ( condensed type) , prohibit modulating anti - freezing liquid with hard water.

5)Regularly check anti - freeze solution in use.

After a period of use, the anti - freeze solution will become deficient, here, first check the density of the anti - freeze solution. If the density doesn’t increase, then this deficiency should be caused by seeping, you have to add anti - freeze solution of the same brand; if the density decreases, you should add condensed anti - freeze solution of the same brand; if the density decreases, this should be caused by water vaporization, you should add the distilled water or the demineralization water. After adding distilled water or condensed liquid, you should stir it evenly then check the anti - freeze solutions density, till you get the density corresponding to the freezing point you need.  Never add common water ( such as river, lake, pond, well or tap water) , the foreign material in it will consume certain part of aseptic.


6)Don’t put off anti - freeze solutions of different brands; this will damage their respective anti - corrosion capacity.


7)The life cycle for long - term anti - freeze solution s tenure of use is usually 1-2 years, you should change it when it is overdue.  To reduce any waste, when it is out of its life cycle you may first check the PH value before changing.  If the PH value is higher than 5. 5 , you may continue using it; if PH value is lower than 5.5, you should change it timely, or it will hasten the corrosion of the cooling system. When the PH value is lower than 5, you may add prolonging agent into the freezing liquid to extend the life of anti - freeze solution by one year.


8)Don’t suck ethanediol into your mouth because it is poisonous and has a damaging effect on the liver, wash after it contacted your skin. Sodium nitrite can cause cancer, don’t pour the waste liquid around, which will pollute the environment.


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