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  • Controller Cabinet
Controller Cabinet Controller Cabinet

Controller Cabinet


Warning function: exceed the speed limit, high water temperature and low oil pressure alarm

Protecting function: low oil pressure, high water temperature, exceed the speed limit, the urgent parking

Automatic startup control panel

Hold all functions of manual version

Auto/manual/off selected

Starting time-lapse(3-5seconds)

Stopping time-lapse(0-270 seconds)

Remote monitoring interface

Municipal electricity charger

Alarm function: low fuel pressure, high water temperature, low/over speed, output failure, starting failure, charging failure and emergent shut-down

Automatic remote monitor panel

LCD panel with english display about status and parameters

RS232/485 interfaces for remote controlling, remote metering, remote signaling

Shut down and alarm when low pressure, high temperature,low/over speed, output failure, starting failure, charging failure occurred.

Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

Four-grade machine/electricity option switch

Indicator light for power-on, generating and output status

Auto/manual selection

Operation convenience

Auto-switch time adjustment

If you are interested in generator switch cabinet, you can download the PDF document by clicking the button below:


Note: It is parallel cabinet drawing using Delixi switch.

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