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Volvo Genset 75KW/93.75kVA New Diesel Generator

Volvo Genset 75KW/93.75kVA New Diesel Generator

Volvo Power Generator Set 75KW TAD530GE

Standard Features

  1. Diesel Engine: VOLVO TAD530GE

  2. Radiator 50℃ Max

  3. Fans Are Driven By Belt, With Safety Guard

  4. 24V Charge Alternator

  5. Dry Type Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter

  6. Alternator: Single Bearing Alternator 

  7. IP23, Insulation Class H/H

  8. Main Line Circuit Breaker

  9. Standard Control Panel

  10. Absorber

  11. Muffler

  12. User Manual

Technical Data Of Diesel Engine
Prime Power:75KW/76KW
Standby Power:83KW/85KW
Rated Speed:1500/1800 r/min
No. Of Cylinders:In-line 4
Method Of Operation:4-Strock
Bore And Stroke:108*130mm
Compression Ratio:18:1
Governor Type:Electronic
Start Battery Voltage:24V DC
Dry Weight:575kg
Wet Weight:606kg

Volvo Power Generator Set.png

Lubrication System

Oil Consumption Prime Power:
0.08 Liter/h
Oil Consumption Standby Power: 0.08 Liter/h
Oil System Capacity Incl Filters:13 Liter

Fuel System

Fuel Consumption Prime Power1500/1800 rpm:
25%276/302 g/kWh
50%231/240 g/kWh
75%219/223 g/kWh
100%217/219 g/kWh
Fuel Consumption Standby Power1500/1800 rpm:
25%263/286 g/kWh
50%226/235 g/kWh
75%218/222 g/kWh
100%218/219 g/kWh
Six Hole Fuel Injection Nozzles
Electronic Govemor With Smoke Limiter Function
Washable Fuel Prefilter With Water Separator
Rotary Low-Pressure Fule Pump
Fine Fuel Filter Of Disposable Type

Lubrication System

Full Flow Disposable Spin-On Oil Filter, For Extra High Filtration
Rotary Displacement Oil Pump Driven By The Crankshaft
Deep Centre Oil Sump, 30° Inclination
Oil Dipstick, Short In Front
Oil Filler On Top
Integrated Full Flow Oil Cooler, Side-Mounted

Cooling System

Belt Driven, Maintenance-Free Coolant Pump With High Degree Of Efficiency
Efficient Cooling With Accurate Coolant Control Through A Water Distribution Duct In The Cylinder Block
Reliable Thermostat With Minimum Presure Drop
Cooling Water Pipe, Inlet And Outlet
Fan Hub
Fan On Separate Brachet 292mm Above Crankshaft

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