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Yunxing Qianlong Installs 720KW Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 05, 2023

Congratulations to Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. relying on its comprehensive strength, became a 720KW diesel generator set equipment and environmentally friendly installation manufacturer of the engine room at the D plot of Yunxing Qianlong Yuefu at the end of April 2021.


Yunxing Qianlong Yuefu purchased this 720KW diesel generator set in order to prevent the mains power outages, produce various failures, ensure the safety of people's lives and reduce the loss of property, and to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the people and equipment in the building. .


Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is once again very honored to be a supplier of diesel generator sets for China's top 100 enterprises-Yunxing Group for many years. Thanks to Yunxing Group and its subsidiary Liujiang County China Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. for their support to Dingbo.

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Speaking of direct sales of regular diesel generator sets, here I have to recommend Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. It has rich production experience and has an advantage in price, which can meet various specifications of ordinary and automatic , four protections, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile, automatic grid-connected systems and other special power needs, users and friends who need diesel generator sets.

The 720KW diesel generator set used in the Yunxing Qianlong Yuefu D plot adopts advanced technologies such as supercharging and intercooling. It has superior performance, compact layout, further enhanced reliability, and effectively improves emissions and noise indicators, thereby improving the unit’s performance the operating environment fully meets the user's supporting requirements. Since it was put on the market, it has been welcomed by the majority of users and the market sales have risen rapidly.


Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a professional diesel generator set manufacturer and an OEM supporting manufacturer of Chinese diesel generator set authorized by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.. The company has 64 sales and service departments across the country, providing users with one-stop service of design, supply, debugging and maintenance at any time. Finally, I would like to send out an invitation to everyone. Welcome to Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. to visit and inspect various diesel generator sets. Thank you!


For more details, please contact us with sales@dieselgeneratortech.com

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