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Yuchai Internal Combustion Engine Project Started In Nanning

Sep. 29, 2021

On August 20th, the revision of the foreign standard ISO 6826 (reciprocating internal combustion engine-fire protection) led by Yuchai was officially launched in Nanning. An example of the revision of foreign standards led by Guangxi enterprises. The project of the foreign standard ISO 6826 (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine-Fire Protection) is led by Yuchai, which reflects Yuchai's strong technical strength. This time, Yuchai’s leadership in revising foreign standards is an important sign that Yuchai's standardization system is leading the innovation and development of foreign internal combustion engine technology. It demonstrates Yuchai’s deep technical accumulation in the internal combustion engine industry and strong standard discourse power.


Foreign standards for internal combustion engines are the cornerstone of industry development and an important means to upgrade industry technology, adjust industry direction, and promote economic development. Among them, the foreign standard ISO 6826 (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine-Fire Protection) stipulates the requirements for reducing the fire hazard caused by the engine and its components and auxiliary equipment to a lower level. It is a major standard that emphasizes attention to the safety requirements of internal combustion engines, and plays an important role in the research and development, production and use of engines in various countries around the world.


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For a long time, Yuchai has made products based on foreign standards, committed to the development and application of the frontier fields of combustion and emission control technology for internal combustion engines, breaking through foreign technical barriers, and promoting and applying non-metallic materials, electrified accessories, high-pressure fuel systems and high efficiency. In the process of processing the system, we have accumulated rich experience in fire protection technology for internal combustion engines. Yuchai's strong technical strength has been recognized and supported by domestic and foreign internal combustion engine research and development institutions and enterprises, and has become the leader of the foreign standard revision working group.


Through the launch of this lead revision of foreign standards, Yuchai will transform "technology leadership" into "standards leadership", promote Chinese standards to "go global", lead the innovation and development of international internal combustion engine technology, and further consolidate China’s role in the formulation of international standards. The right to speak, enhance the status and competitiveness of Chinese companies in the internal combustion engine industry.


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