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Yuchai Group Attended Dubai Middle East Electricity Show

Aug. 07, 2023

Dingbo Power company has cooperated with Yuchai group for many years. Our sales of generator sets with Yuchai engine is also very well at home and abroad.

From March 3 to 5, the annual Middle East Electric Power Exhibition was held in Dubai World Trade Exhibition Center. Many exhibitors did not attend because of novel corona virus, but the power industry leader Cummins, Perkins and Volvo came to the scene. Yuchai also attended the exhibition. Yuchai diesel engine for generator set was showed at the exhibition, such as YC12VTD series, YC6TD series, YC6MK series, 4D24 series and 3DC11 series etc. 



Yuchai YC12VTD is a V-type 12 cylinder diesel engine with small volume and compact structure. It uses the electric control high-pressure common rail technology, which has good reliability, strong sudden addition capacity, low noise and low oil consumption, meets the T4 emission requirements, and fits to the 1000-1500kva common generator set, widely used in high-end commercial centers, airports, large hospitals, high-tech manufacturing industry, communication industry, energy industry, overseas projects, etc.


Yuchai YC12VTD series engine first appeared in the Middle East power show, attracting customers from Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries to watch. They have a detailed understanding of Yuchai YC12VTD engine performance and use cases, and communicate with Yuchai personnel in detail about the project requirements.


In addition, Yuchai YC6TD series engine is also popular with customers. The engine is suitable for 750kva common generator set at the maximum, and its power increase and other indicators reach the world-class level. Moreover, it has low oil consumption and strong reliability. It is the preferred power in the fields of oil and gas fields, mines, aquaculture, leasing and other power generation. 

Dingbo Yuchai engine gensets power range is 20kw-3000kw, if you are looking gensets with good quality, effective cost, we recommend you Yuchai engine brand, welcome to contact us by sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will work with you.

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