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What is The Cooling Work of Diesel Generator Sets

Nov. 15, 2021

No matter which brand of diesel generator set, the cooling operation is more important. Although Cummins diesel generator sets, Shangchai diesel generator sets, and other brands of diesel generator sets have revised their inherent facilities with high-temperature combustion protection measures, manual cooling of operators is also very important. I believe many people want to know whether the running diesel generator set can rely on air cooling. There is no doubt that the cooling work of diesel generator sets is the most important of all work. If the cooling operation of the diesel generator set is not smooth, the stability of the operation cannot be guaranteed.

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Generally, small and medium-sized diesel generator sets can only be cooled by air. So, is this reasonable and reliable? Even if it is not a diesel generator set or a large diesel generator set, but a single diesel generator set, the cooling technology will be improved accordingly, and the air-cooled diesel generator set can basically meet the demand. In fact, many diesel generator sets also use air as a cooling medium. Since most of the diesel generator sets with small capacity or generating electricity within a certain range are air-cooled, it can be said that air-cooling is reliable. The principle of air cooling determines the reliability. The diesel generator set is ventilated from the inside, and the heat is stirred when the wind passes through the diesel generator set, and the heat is taken away when the wind blows out. This method is the most basic and common heat conduction method. At present, medium and small diesel generator sets use this method, especially small diesel generator sets, but the thermal conductivity is low and it is not suitable for cooling large diesel generator sets.

In some cases, the exact statement of air cooling is unilateral. After all, the use of air cooling for large diesel generator sets and diesel generator sets is very unreliable. Imagine that as the heat increases, the warm air also increases, and this air needs to be cooled as quickly as possible. Of course, air cooling alone cannot meet the needs of large diesel generator sets and diesel generator sets. It is a wise choice to consider whether air cooling is reasonable and reliable according to the situation. In addition, a good cooling operation is also an effective measure to prevent burnout.

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