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What Is The Content Of Guangxi Dingbo Generator Room Low Noise Project

Aug. 05, 2023

Guangxi Dingbo Generator Room Low Noise Project includes the content of the room low noise treatment measures, the main consideration of the unit noise reduction scheme, the selection of key components of the low noise project, etc., this paper is specifically introduced by Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


First, the low noise processing measures of the machine room

1. Diesel generator set native noise: 95-120dB(A)

2. The national standard on environmental quality noise: GB12348-90, GB12349-90


Second standard:

 Applicable to residential, commercial, industrial mixed areas and commercial central areas; 60dB(A) at day, 50dB(A) at night.


 The third standards:

Suitable for industrial areas; 65dB(A) at day and 55dB(A) at night; Usually 60dB(A) at daytime is used for low noise engineering design.


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3.Construction of low noise project for Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Industrialized noise reduction and muffling device with high efficiency sound-absorbing material and advanced technology; To the inlet and exhaust air channels and exhaust system noise reduction processing; Ensure that the unit does not reduce the output power; The company has formed a unique low noise engineering design code in years of practice.


4. Main factors for the noise reduction scheme of the unit

The minimum air inlet and outlet required for normal operation of the unit.

The exhaust back pressure should not exceed the rated allowable back pressure.

The area of the unit exhaust should be slightly larger than the effective area of the water tank.

The distance between the exhaust outlet and the front obstacle should be greater than 800mm.

The noise reduction effect of the machine room is greatly related to the length of the muffler box in the inlet and exhaust channels and the sound-absorbing materials selected.

The selection of muffler mainly considers the muffler volume, muffler frequency range and resistance loss.

The machine room and operation room should be separated by walls.

Sound insulation door shall be applied between operation room and machine room.


Second, the selection of key components of low noise engineering.

1.Anti-sound door:

Anti sound door is made of high efficient sound insulation material sandwiced between two layers of steel plate. Its structural form has double mask door, single mask door and double layer single mask door (respectively to the outside, to the inside). Double-mask door is used for large area of the computer room, double-layer single-mask door is used for strict noise control of the computer room, single-mask door is used for general requirements of the computer room or paired use to increase the effect of noise reduction, the size of the anti-sound door can be customized according to the requirements of users.


2. Inlet and exhaust air noise reduction box:

Inlet and exhaust noise reduction box is an impedance muffler, is the use of porous sound-absorbing material according to certain geometric arrangement on the inlet and exhaust channel, when the airflow through the noise reduction box, sound waves will cause pore air and fines in the sound-absorbing material, due to friction and viscous resistance, sound energy into heat energy to absorb, thus silencing effect, Thick absorber and wide channel are used for low frequency muffling, thin absorber and narrow channel are used for high frequency muffling, thick absorber and narrow channel are used for high frequency and low frequency simultaneously. In the selection of noise reduction box, it is generally necessary to make the effective inlet and exhaust area of the noise reduction box greater than the effective area of the water tank, and the inlet area slightly greater than the exhaust area. When the depth of the noise reduction box (that is, the length of the air duct) is selected, the depth of 1.8~2.2 meters is more appropriate.


3.Residential muffler

Residential muffler to eliminate a major part of the exhaust noise, its structure is resistant muffler, is the use of different shape of pipe and proper combination of resonant cavity, with the help of the pipe cross section and shape changes caused by acoustic impedance mismatch of reflection and interference effect, achieve the purpose of the attenuation of noise, the noise elimination effect, related to pipe shape, size and structure, Generally, it has strong selectivity and is suitable for the reduction of narrow band noise and low medium frequency noise. The residential muffler has been finalized at present. When choosing the muffler, the size of the exhaust pipe at both ends should be selected with the appropriate interface flange size.


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