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How Does The Volvo Generator Set Work?

Oct. 16, 2019

A professor asked a technology student. How can a Generator Set begin? The student answers, "Drrrrrrrrrrr". We trip with this one. This is a site for people who wish to learn how the 'Drrrrrrrrr' happens. Continue reading.

Basically, a Volvo Generator is a device which converts mechanical energy to electric energy. It does it's converts the energy out of movement into electricity. So essentially, it's very important to see that a generator doesn't really 'create' energy. It utilizes the mechanical energy provided to it to make a motion of electrical charges from the wire of its windings via an external electrical circuit. This stream of electrical charges is now known as electrical present constitutes the output provided by the generator. Faraday found by transferring an electric conductor in a magnetic field generates electrical charges to flow, thus producing electrical current.

Volvo Generator

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