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Volvo Generator Set Oil Pump Requirements and Characteristics

Nov. 22, 2021

Volvo generator set oil pump is an important part of Volvo generator set. Generally, in order to ensure the long-term use of Volvo generator sets, full attention must be paid to the use and installation of the oil pump.

When the elasticity becomes weak or broken, please replace or fill it quickly. Please confirm that all the sealing gaskets are not damaged, do not increase the number of times of assembly and disassembly of the plastic stop ring, and replace it regularly.

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Some oil pumps are provided with a drain hole to allow a small amount of diesel oil leaked from the oil pump to directly flow out of the pump body. Do not block the hole to prevent the diesel engine from entering the oil pan of the fuel injection pump to dilute the lubricating oil. If there is too much diesel in the oil pan of the fuel injection pump, check whether the gap between the piston of the fuel injection pump and the pump body, and between the tappet and the tappet is too large, to prevent the internal parts of the fuel injection pump and the governor from being poorly lubricated due to diesel leakage .

When parking for a long time, in order to prevent the joint surface of the oil pump, especially the joint surface of the piston and the pump body, the tappet and the tappet from rusting due to the water in the oil, anti-rust measures are required (use the water in the oil pan of the oil pump when parking, Replace the lubricating oil with diesel oil and other foreign objects). The injected diesel oil is precipitated and filtered to ensure cleanliness and prevent the oil supply valve, oil valve and valve seat of the oil pump from being worn by foreign objects, and sometimes the oil valve is blocked by foreign objects and malfunctions.

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