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Users Instructions of Cummins Diesel Generators

Feb. 21, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the essentials that users need to know about Cummins diesel generators: the function of the emergency flameout device. If you would like to get more information, welcome to visit our starlight website, and then we will introduce the relevant content to you.

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Cummins diesel generator emergency shutdown device: Cummins diesel generator emergency shutdown device can be electrically, mechanically or hydraulically operated. You should be familiar with the flameout method and position of the flameout device installed in your diesel generator engine, the conditions for making various flameout devices work, and the reset steps required before restarting.

All electric fire extinguishers work similarly. When certain critical operating conditions occur, a switch is actuated to shut down the engine. The shutdown device needs to be reset before the engine can be started again. Every 1000 working hours, the flameout device should be checked by the company personnel. Every 500 working hours, the engine crew can test the hydraulic-mechanical flameout device. Usually, do not use the emergency shutdown device when the engine is shut down. Be sure to identify the cause of the sudden downtime and make the necessary repairs.

Cummins diesel generator alarm switch: When the Cummins diesel generator alarm works, the temperature, pressure or liquid surface thresholds set are stricter than those in emergency shutdown, that is, an early alarm. The purpose of the siren is to warn the operator that an unsafe situation is about to occur and corrective action must be taken to avoid damage to the engine.

Following an alert, the necessary corrective action should be taken before it becomes an emergency. Each alarm switch is wired to a light or bell or speaker. The alarm continues until the fault is corrected, then the indicator light goes out and the bell or speaker stops sounding. In order to prevent the alarm from sounding during the repair process, a two-way switch and a red indicator light can be installed. When the switch is pulled to cut off the alarm, the red light will glow. If the switch is still in the "OFF" (disconnected) position after repairs, the red light will continue to advance, indicating that the engine is not in a protected state.

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