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Use Precautions for The Silent Diesel Generator Radiator

Jan. 04, 2022

The correct installation, correct operation and use, and regular maintenance of the silent diesel generator set have a great impact on the normal operation and use of the silent diesel generator set. Starlight Power Generation Equipment will share the precautions for the silent diesel generator set radiators:

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1. After emptying the cooling water in winter, start the engine idling silent diesel generator set again for a few minutes, and dry the residual water in the water pump and other places by the body temperature to ensure that there is no water in the engine, and prevent the water pump from freezing and the water seal tearing. Causes water leakage to occur;

2. When the radiator is hot, it is not suitable to immediately release water. Before the unit is turned off, if the engine temperature is very high, do not shut down and drain the water immediately. Remove the load first, let the machine run at idle speed, and then drain the water when the water temperature drops to 40-50 degrees Celsius, and place the cylinder block, cylinder head and water in contact with the water. The temperature of the outer surface of the sleeve suddenly drops due to the sudden release of water, and shrinks sharply, while the temperature inside the cylinder is still high and the shrinkage is small, resulting in excessive temperature difference between the inside and the outside, causing cracks in the cylinder block and cylinder head;

3. When the temperature becomes high, the antifreeze should be discharged in time to reduce corrosion. Whether it is ordinary antifreeze or long-term antifreeze, it should be released in time when the temperature rises to prevent increased corrosion of the mechanical parts. The preservative added to the antifreeze will decrease or become invalid with the extension of the use time, and there may be no preservative added, which will have a strong corrosive effect on the machine parts;

4. Change the water and clean the pipeline regularly. Frequent replacement of cooling water is not recommended, because after a period of use of cooling water, minerals have been precipitated, unless the water is already very dirty and may block the pipeline and radiator before replacing it. Because the newly replaced cooling water also contains certain minerals, these minerals will be deposited on the water jacket and other places to form scale. The more frequently the water is changed, the more minerals will be precipitated and the thicker the scale will be. Therefore, it should be based on the actual situation. Regularly replace the cooling water. The cooling line should be cleaned during replacement.

5. After the radiator of the unit "boils", do not open the cover of the water tank blindly to prevent burns. The correct approach is to first idle for a while before turning off the generator, and unscrew the radiator cover after the temperature of the silent diesel generator set drops and the pressure of the water tank drops. When unscrewing, cover the lid with a towel or a car cloth to prevent hot water and steam from spraying on your face and hands. Do not look down at the water tank with your head facing, unscrew it and then quickly evacuate, and then remove the water tank cover when there is no heat or steam to prevent scalding;

6. The radiator is suitable for choosing clean soft water. Soft water usually includes rain water, snow water and river water. These waters contain less minerals and are suitable for the use of the unit engine. Well water, spring water, and tap water have high mineral content. These minerals are easily deposited on the radiator wall, water jacket, and water channel wall when heated to form scale and rust, which makes the heat dissipation capacity of the unit worse and causes the engine to overheat. . Of course, it is better to use antifreeze for the radiator.

Starlight Power was founded in 1974 and is one of the earliest manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China. If you want get more information, please feel free to send email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com we will pay highly attention on your question.

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