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Damage Caused by Unwarming Operation After Generator Set Cold Start

Dec. 28, 2021

When the generator set is cold-started, due to the high oil viscosity and poor fluidity, the oil pump is insufficiently supplied, and the friction surface of the machine is poorly lubricated due to lack of oil, causing rapid wear and even failures such as cylinder pulling and tile burning. Therefore, the diesel engine should run at idling speed after cooling and start to heat up, and then run with load when the standby oil temperature reaches 40°C or higher; the machine should start with low gear until the oil temperature is normal and the fuel supply is sufficient before it can be turned to normal operation.

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Idle speed is a working condition of a generator set, which is idling without any load. That is to say, in this working state, the generator set does not need to bear the load, as long as it maintains the low speed required for smooth operation.

Idling speed during cold start of the generator set is generally normal. This is because the temperature is too low and the oil viscosity is too high, which increases the internal resistance of the engine and deteriorates the spray and evaporation conditions of the diesel, which causes the engine to be unable to maintain low-speed rotation. When the throttle is raised, it will quickly turn off. In this case, the throttle can be adjusted to slightly higher than the idle speed, and then the idle speed can be restored after the engine heats up.

If the engine has been used for a long time without idling conditions, and accompanied by insufficient power, the fuel consumption is abnormal, generally due to excessive plunger wear and increased oil leakage during idling, so that the fuel supply cannot meet the requirements of the idling conditions; or the cylinder pressure If it is too low, the fuel injection advance angle is too large or too small, resulting in poor engine combustion conditions. As long as you deal with the failure of insufficient power, the idling condition will naturally recover.

If the generator set is to be started in winter and runs at high speed without preheating, it is very easy to cause early wear of cylinder liners, journals, gears, tires and other parts. In addition, the rapid temperature increase of the throttle after starting will increase fuel consumption and damage the engine. Because the wear of the generator set during the cold start is more than half of the total wear, preheating before starting can reduce this wear and extend the service life of the engine. In addition, the gearbox also needs to be warmed up in advance. It is recommended that several starts should be avoided when the engine is cold, otherwise the moving components will be worn out and the overall service life of the engine will be shortened.

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