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The Structure of The Connecting Rod Set of Generator Set

Aug. 01, 2023

The function of the connecting rod set of the generator set is to connect the piston and the crankshaft, transmit the gas pressure on the piston to the crankshaft, and cooperate with the connecting rod to change the linear reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the crankshaft.

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When the connecting rod of the generator set is working, there are three kinds of acting forces: the gas pressure from the piston; the inertial force of the parts of the generator set piston set and the connecting rod itself (small head); the connecting rod itself of the generator set works around the piston pin. Inertia force during gear swing. The magnitude and direction of these forces change periodically, so the connecting rods of the generator set are subjected to alternating stresses such as compression, tension and lateral bending.

Once the connecting rod or connecting rod bolt of the generator set is broken, it may cause a major accident of damage to the whole generator set. If the rigidity is insufficient, the big end hole is deformed and out of round, and the lubrication conditions of the big end bearing are damaged, the bearing will heat up and burn. The deformation and bending of the connecting rod shaft will cause eccentric wear of the cylinder and the piston, resulting in gas and oil channeling. Therefore, it is required that the connecting rod be as light as possible to ensure sufficient strength and rigidity.

In order to ensure that the connecting rod structure of the generator set is light and has sufficient rigidity and strength, high-quality medium carbon steel (such as No. 45 steel) is generally used for die forging or roll forming, and is quenched and tempered. The connecting rods of small and medium power generator sets are made of ductile iron, which has good effect and low cost. The high-strengthened generator set is made of high-grade alloy steel (such as 40Cr, 40MnB, 42CrMo, etc.) hydraulically.

The characteristics of alloy steel are high fatigue resistance, but it is sensitive to stress concentration. Therefore, when using alloy steel to manufacture connecting rods, there are strict requirements on its external shape, transition fillet and surface roughness. , Can cast iron and rare magnesia ductile iron have been widely used in the manufacture of connecting rods of generator sets. Its fatigue strength is close to that of medium carbon steel, and its cutting performance is very good, it is not sensitive to stress concentration, and its manufacturing cost is low.

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