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The Starting Conditions of Diesel Generator Set Before Operation

Aug. 23, 2021

When we are going to start the diesel generator set, we must check the condition of the various parts of the diesel generator set in advance. Make sure that the diesel generator set reaches the starting conditions before starting the diesel generator set. Is there any situation that should be paid attention to when starting the diesel generator? In this article, starlight power generation equipment will be explained to you.

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1. In the absence of cooling water (with antifreeze in winter), the diesel generator set cannot be started. Therefore, when preparing to start the diesel generator set, be sure to check the condition of the antifreeze or cooling water. Another thing is to remember that in winter, do not use boiling water to add to the body. This will cause the cylinder head and the body to crack. You should wait until the water temperature drops to about 60 degrees before adding it.

2. Before starting in winter, remember to check whether the antifreeze and oil of the diesel generator set have been added or whether they have been replaced with antifreeze lubricating oil. If it is found that it has not been replaced, please replace it in time before starting the diesel generator set.

3. When starting the diesel generator set, if there is a failure to start successfully, you must wait 15 seconds before restarting the diesel generator set. The diesel generator set cannot be started continuously, because it will damage the battery of the diesel generator set.

4. After the diesel generator set has been successfully started, it cannot enter high-speed operation all at once. Because the temperature of the lubricating oil in the diesel engine body is low when it is first started, and the fluidity is poor. If it runs at a high speed immediately, it will cause the body to wear out rapidly and eventually cause tile burning.

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