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The Oil Filter Directly Affects The Service Life of The Generator Set

Sep. 02, 2021

As we all know, the early wear of many parts of the generator set and the ablation of the bearings are largely caused by poor lubrication. Therefore, strengthening the overhaul and maintenance of the lubrication system of the generator set is an important part of prolonging the service life of the machine and ensuring the normal operation of the machine.

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Maintenance of lubrication system

1. Oil filter

The generator set is equipped with two types of oil filters according to the model. The two types of filters use the same fine filter except that the coarse filter adopts the winding type and the scraper type respectively. After cooling, the oil passing through the strainer directly enters the main oil passage for lubrication. The fine filter is a split-flow type, and the oil after the fine filter returns directly to the oil pan.

The filter performance directly affects the performance and life of the generator set. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the filtering effect of the oil filter during use.

2. Wire-wound oil filter

The structure of the wire-wound oil filter: There are two layers of filter screens wound with copper wires on the filter element, and the filter gap is not greater than 0.09mm. After the generator set runs for 200 hours, the filter element should be removed and cleaned. When disassembling and washing, first loosen the 4 nuts on the cover, take out the filter element together with the cover, then loosen the screw on the bottom shaft, remove the filter element and clean it in kerosene or diesel, and then blow it with compressed air. When reinstalling, both ends of the inner and outer filter elements must be flat to ensure sealing, and the coarse filter shaft should be screwed to the end through the screw hole in the cover.

3. Scraper oil filter

The structure of the scraper oil filter: the filter element is assembled from the filter discs punched from thin steel sheets, and the filter gap between the filters is 0.06~0.10mm.

Before the generator set starts or after 4 hours of continuous operation, turn the handle 2 to 3 times in the direction indicated by the arrow on the filter cover. At this time, due to the rotation of the filter element, the scraper installed on the positioning shaft scrapes the dirt on the outer surface of the filter. After the generator set works for 200 hours, the filter element should be disassembled and cleaned, the filter element should be placed in the diesel oil, and the handle should be turned to scrape off the dirt. If there is too much fouling, you can loosen the nut at the lower end of the shaft, take out the filter in turn, immerse it in diesel oil and clean it piece by piece, but you must carefully keep the filter flat and not touch the hair, and then assemble strictly in order and number of pieces, otherwise it will affect Filter effect. After installation, pay attention to the airtightness of both ends of the filter element, and the rotating handle should rotate freely.

4. Oil filter

Oil filter is also called centrifugal oil filter. When HCA-11 lubricating oil is used, the oil temperature is 85℃, and the oil inlet pressure is 294kPa (3kgf/cm2), the rotation speed of the fine filter rotor should be above 5500r/min. Due to the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the fine impurities in the oil are separated by centrifugal force and collected on the inner wall of the rotor body. The filtered oil flows directly back to the oil pan through the oil return hole, thus repeating the cycle. The oil of the whole system achieves the purpose of filtering.

The fine filter should be removed and cleaned after every 200 hours of operation of the generator set. First loosen the nut on the rotor cover, remove the cover, then remove the nut on the upper end of the rotor, and take out the rotor. After removing the rotor body, immerse the removed parts in diesel or kerosene and use a brush to remove the dirt in the rotor. If it is not necessary to clean the two nozzles, do not disassemble them at will.

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