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The Loss Form of Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 24, 2022

When purchasing a diesel generator set, you should order more wearing parts from the diesel generator set manufacturer to avoid damage to the wearing parts in the future. If they are not replaced in time, it will cause more damage to the diesel generator set.

diesel engine generator

The loss of diesel generator set can be roughly divided into five categories, namely stator copper loss, iron loss, excitation loss, electrical additional loss, and mechanical loss. During the operation of the generator, almost all losses are manifested in the form of heat.

1. The stator copper loss is the total loss caused by the stator current flowing through the stator winding.

2. The excitation loss is the loss generated by the rotor circuit, mainly the copper loss generated in the excitation circuit of the excitation current.

3. Iron loss is the loss generated in the magnetic flux iron core of the generator, mainly the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss generated in the main magnetic flux stator iron core, and also includes additional losses.

4. Mechanical loss mainly includes ventilation loss, bearing conflict loss, etc.

5. The electrical additional losses are more complicated, mainly including the loss generated by the leakage flux at the end and the nearby ferrous components, the loss generated by various harmonic magnetic fluxes, the iron loss generated by the tooth harmonics and the surface layer of the higher harmonic rotor. Wait.

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