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The Influence of Environment for The Generator Set Operation

Jan. 24, 2022

Since the environmental conditions have a great influence on the operation of the generator set, there are a series of standard regulations for the environmental requirements. The power calibrated by the generator set is for a specific environmental condition. The environmental condition refers to the atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity of the generator set operating location, which have a great impact on the performance and working efficiency of the diesel generator.

emergency power generator

(1) When the ambient atmospheric pressure decreases, the temperature increases and the relative humidity increases, the dry air sucked into the cylinder of the diesel engine will decrease, and the power of the diesel engine will decrease. Conversely, the power of the diesel engine will increase. Then when the ambient temperature is too low, when the temperature of the cooling water in the water tank is too low, the temperature of the lubricating oil decreases, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is higher when the temperature is low, and its fluidity becomes poor, which not only increases the wear of the parts of the generator set, but also increases the wear of the parts due to the The movement resistance increases, which increases the mechanical power loss and reduces the output power of the generator set.

(2) The heat loss increases and the fuel consumption increases. When the generator set works at low temperature, the cooling water takes away a large amount of heat energy in the cylinder, which increases the heat loss; the mixture cannot be formed and burned well, and the fuel consumption will increase. 8%~10%; after the droplet fuel enters the cylinder, it will wash the lubricating oil film on the cylinder wall and penetrate into the crankcase, which will increase the wear of the parts, dilute the lubricating oil in the oil pan, and increase the fuel consumption. amount and reduce power output.

(3) If the ambient temperature is too low, the temperature of the cylinder will be very low, and the water vapor in the cylinder will easily condense on the cylinder wall, and the sulfur dioxide generated when the diesel generator burns meets the water condensed on the cylinder wall. Strong corrosive agents adhere to the cylinder wall, so the surface of the cylinder wall will be strongly corroded, resulting in loose metal structure on the surface; when the cylinder liner and the piston ring are rubbed and scraped against each other, the surface of the corrosion layer will be loose. The metal wears off quickly, or pits and pits appear on the working surface of the cylinder liner.

(4) Combustion deteriorates, and the performance of the whole machine deteriorates. Some heated and expanded parts have not expanded to their proper size because the temperature is too low, thus affecting the working performance of the whole machine. For example, the gap between the piston and the cylinder is too large, and the sealing is not good; the valve The gap is too large and is impacted by the rocker arm, etc., and makes the diesel generator difficult to start. When the diesel engine is working, the high temperature of the compressed gas is a necessary condition to ensure the ignition of the fuel. When the temperature of the cylinder, piston and other parts decreases, it will cause the temperature drop at the end of compression, the ignition delay and the deterioration of the combustion conditions, resulting in incomplete combustion of the fuel and diesel power generation. The machine works rough and the exhaust smokes.

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