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The Importance of Regular Operation the Diesel Generators

Apr. 15, 2024

If you have a diesel generator, you need to make it run regularly. Why is regular operation so important?

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Running diesel generators is to keep your generators running even when they are not needed. Frequently doing so will help extend the lifespan of the engine and help you identify potential problems before they become serious.


Why is it necessary to frequently operate and maintain diesel generators?


The main reason for operating the generator is to ensure its correct working condition. Usually, companies choose to install backup diesel generators so that they can still provide power in emergency situations. Now, imagine how bad it would be if your generator couldn't work when there was a power outage.


There are other reasons to recommend using a generator. A normally running generator can help prevent water accumulation and moisture accumulation. This ensures that all components are in a suitable oiled state and prevents fuel degradation. And, as we mentioned, in the future, it will help identify and prevent larger problems from occurring. Proper maintenance at this time will greatly improve the lifespan of diesel generators.


Reduce maintenance costs


Before minor issues evolve into major maintenance challenges, preventive maintenance has been proven to reduce costs.


Improve the service life of the generator.


Just like cars that have been maintained for many years, proper maintenance of diesel generators can benefit you for many years. A diesel generator maintenance plan can ensure smooth operation of your generator, enabling long-term operation.


Save time


Similarly, like other devices, diesel generators often have fewer maintenance issues than neglected generators. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance plan for diesel generators will be deleted from your to-do list to save you time. In addition, you don't have to wait many times for repairs because there's no need for repairs at all!


Safe and worry free


Rest assured is one of the main reasons why many companies purchase backup diesel generators. They want to know that there is an opportunity to generate electricity when they need it. When conducting regular maintenance on your generator, you can rest assured that normal electricity usage will not be affected during power restrictions or outages.


How does a diesel generator operate normally?


Most standby diesel power generation units automatically open and operate according to the date, time, and frequency specified by the owner. Generally speaking, generator manufacturers recommend generators to be used once a week and once a month. Depending on the purpose of the generator, local regulations may also require specific operating cycles.


In general, it is best to choose the date and time when you operate the diesel generator while working in the company. In this way, you can carefully observe and listen to anything that may indicate a problem. In addition, if you choose to repair from Sunday to Thursday, if there are any issues, you can repair within a week without paying additional emergency repair fees.


During the operation of diesel generators, the following points should be checked:


The engine sound, vibration, and temperature are normal.


No warning or warning.


Normal oil pressure.


Suitable fuel delivery.


Voltage and frequency stability.


No oil leakage - engine oil, fuel, or coolant.


Ultimately, the normal operation of diesel generators will help ensure their lifespan.


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