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The Importance of Diesel Purification for Diesel Generator Sets

May. 24, 2022

It is important to know that the use of unclean diesel fuel for diesel generator sets will wear out the parts of the fuel system and cause the work to deteriorate. The technical state of the diesel generator set fuel system has an important influence on the power economy of the diesel generator set. Therefore, diesel purification can not only improve the service life of parts such as the plunger pair, but also relate to whether the diesel generator set can work effectively and economically. Diesel purification refers to the removal of impurities and moisture in the oil before use by means of precipitation and filtration to improve the cleanliness of the oil.

diesel generator

Diesel pre-precipitation: Generally, 0.005 mm of particles can be removed after 96 hours of precipitation. The longer the precipitation time, the more obvious the removal effect of the tiny impurities in the diesel generator set that cannot be removed by the filter.

Remember not to shake the precipitated diesel oil when taking it out. The pumping bucket or hose for pumping oil cannot be directly inserted into the bottom of the oil barrel, and there should be at least a distance of 80-]00 mm from the bottom of the barrel. Do not refuel by tilting the oil drum to pour oil. As for the diesel oil below 80-100 mm in the oil drum, they can be collected and used after precipitation and filtration. Filter when refueling. Be sure to filter when refueling. This is the last point to prevent mechanical impurities from entering the diesel generator set. When refueling with a drawer or self-flow method, it is best to filter with fine cloth or other filter materials.

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