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The Harm of Excessive Fuel Injection of Diesel Generator Sets

May. 17, 2022

When the diesel generator set in operation, if the maintenance is neglected on time, or the operation of the fuel system is improper, it will cause too much fuel injection, which will cause a series of cascading failures. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will analyze with you what harm will be caused by too much oil in diesel generator sets.

Emergency diesel generator

The components that are prone to failure during the operation of diesel generator sets are the fuel injection pump, fuel injector, governor, etc., especially the fuel injection pump. Once the fuel supply is too much, there will be waste of fuel, insufficient combustion, and smoke. Affecting the normal operation of the diesel generator set will reduce the life of the set. The common failure causes that lead to excessive fuel supply of the fuel injection pump are analyzed by Xingguang power generation equipment as follows:

1. The adjustment screw for limiting the maximum fuel volume of the rack in the governor of the diesel generator set fuel system is adjusted too large or the throttle handle limit screw adjustment is too large;

2. The fuel injection pump plunger is adjusted so that the fuel supply is too large, or the adjusting ring gear locking screw is loosened and the adjustment ring gear is displaced, resulting in excessive fuel supply of the fuel injection pump;

3. There is too much oil in the governor, which increases the oil supply.

If the fuel supply of the diesel generator set is too large, the fuel consumption will increase, the fuel combustion will be incomplete, the exhaust of the unit will emit black smoke, the combustion chamber will be seriously deposited, and the wear of the cylinder, piston and piston ring will be accelerated, and even the unit will be overheated. and knocking phenomenon. It is hoped that the majority of generator users should conduct targeted inspections of the generator set according to the above three common reasons to improve the working efficiency of diesel generator sets.

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