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The Function of Diesel Generator Lubrication System

Sep. 10, 2021

The main function of the diesel generator lubrication system is to reduce the friction between moving parts, take away some of the heat absorbed by the parts, wash the surface of the parts, improve the sealing effect of the parts, and prevent rust and corrosion on the surface of the parts.

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When the generator set is running, the contact surfaces of the main and moving parts move relatively at a higher speed. In order to reduce the friction on the surface of the parts, the diesel generator lubrication system relies on pressure and splash to lubricate the surface of the parts to ensure that the moving parts can work normally.

When the diesel generator oil pump is working, the oil is initially filtered by the coarse filter and is sucked into the oil pump, and then the oil pump delivers a certain pressure of oil to the filter (the excess oil passes through the pressure limiting valve and returns to the oil pan internal). The oil is divided into two ways after passing through the filter. One way is filtered by the centrifugal fine filter and flows directly back into the oil pan, and the other way is filtered in the coarse oil filter (passing through the bypass valve when the filter element is blocked) and enters the oil cooler. The cooled oil is delivered to the oil passage on the cover of the transmission gear chamber, and then divided into two ways: one way is delivered through the internal oil passage of the crankshaft to each gear connecting rod journal; the other way is divided into two ways, one of which is a hollow input camshaft After the oil passage, it enters the bearings of each gear for lubrication, and is transported to the rocker shaft to lubricate the rocker arm through the boreholes on the 2, 4, and 6 gear bearings, the vertical oil passages of the cylinder block and the cylinder head, and the oil pipe joints. A small amount of engine oil is sprayed from the nozzle on the cover plate to lubricate the transmission gear.

The oil flowing from the big end bearing of the connecting rod splashes onto the cylinder wall to lubricate the piston and cylinder liner by the action of centrifugal force. At the same time, it splashes into the two oil holes on the small end of the connecting rod to lubricate the piston pin and the small end copper sleeve of the connecting rod. The oil mist and splashing oil in the crankcase are used to lubricate the main bearing of the crankshaft. The oil flowing out from the oil hole on the tappet and part of the oil splashing out are used to lubricate the cam surface.

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