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The Function and Structure of Volvo Diesel Generator Fuel Pump

Aug. 17, 2021

Today we will give you a brief introduction about the function and structure of the fuel pump in Volvo diesel generators.

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The function of the fuel transfer pump: The function of the fuel transfer pump is to ensure that diesel circulates in the low-pressure oil circuit, and to ensure that a certain amount and pressure of diesel is delivered to the fuel injection pump through the diesel hose and diesel filter. There are many structural forms of oil pumps, and the common piston type. Slide type and rotor type, etc. Small and medium-sized high-speed Volvo diesel generators often use piston type and sliding vane type fuel transfer pumps. Rotor-type fuel transfer pumps are generally installed on distribution fuel injection pumps. Piston-type fuel transfer pumps are currently widely used.

The structure of the piston-type fuel transfer pump: Freight forwarding is that the fuel transfer pump is driven by the eccentric wheel on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump and is integrated with the fuel injection pump. Piston-type oil pump is mainly composed of hand oil pump, piston assembly, pump body, oil inlet, oil inlet valve, oil outlet, oil outlet valve and other parts.

The pump body of the oil transfer pump is equipped with a piston, one side of the piston is equipped with a piston spring, the outside of the piston spring is the piston spring seat, and the inside of the piston is equipped with a push rod, a push rod spring and a roller tappet, push rod spring Keep the roller of the tappet tightly with the eccentric wheel on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump. The pump body is equipped with an oil inlet valve and an oil outlet valve. Both the oil inlet and outlet valves are equipped with inlet and outlet valve springs on the upper part of the oil valve. A hand oil pump assembly is installed on the inlet valve spring, which is mainly composed of a pump body, a hand oil pump piston, a hand oil pump rod and a button.

The hand oil pump has two functions: one is to ensure that the low-pressure oil circuit is filled with diesel before the Volvo diesel generator is started; the other is to exhaust the air inside the low-pressure oil circuit to prevent the Volvo diesel generator from unstable speed after starting.

The working principle of the piston-type fuel transfer pump: When the Volvo diesel generator is working, the fuel transfer pump uses the roller mounted on its upper part to move relative to the eccentric wheel on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump to make the piston in the pump reciprocate. Using this suction effect, the diesel is delivered to the main oil passage inside the fuel injection pump. At the same time, the fuel delivery pump can automatically adjust the amount of diesel fuel supplied to the fuel injection pump according to the load of the Volvo diesel generator.

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